Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Dick Cheney Blast Obama

Mr. Cheney, Please just shut up!

Mr. Cheney, please exit the stage. ‘Please turn out the lights; the party’s over; they say that all good things must end.’

You had your turn. Not many people like you. Fairly or not you are perceived as the person who was the real power behind the throne, who led us into an unnecessary war and generally mismanaged the country for eight years. Many perceive you as a Dr. Strangelove-type character. I seriously doubt anyone is listening when you speak except for a handful of neocon Bush loyalist.

I suspect that every time you speak, you drive some wavering Obama supporters, who may be having buyers remorse, right back into the Obama camp. They see you and remember why that voted for “change.”

The Republican party needs new faces and new voices. There is plenty of room to criticize Obama, but please let someone else do it. In this interview you criticize Obama’s apologizing tour of Europe and his handshake with Chavez. Other people are doing that. Do you think it helps coming from you? You also defend water boarding and torture. I think the less said about that from you, the better. If you feel you must defend those policies, write a book.

Your former “boss,” President Bush, has had the good grace and decency to keep his mouth shut since leaving office. I admire him for that.

Please, Mr. Cheney, go home, play with the grandkids before that ticker gives completely out and write your memoirs. But please, keep your face off of the TV.

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  1. As a dedicated Democrat, I always find it interesting when you write something I agree with.

    I suspect you are right that Former Vice President Cheney does a good job in motivating old Bush supporting Neocons. I suspect you are right that he does an even better job in motivating Obama supporters.

    As a Democrat, I hope he keeps speaking out the way he does. It really strengthens the Democratic Party.

    Yet as an American, I do hope he will take time to enjoy his grandchildren. We don't need people that will further the gap between Republicans and Democrats, we need people that will help all Americans work better together.

    As a side note, I have similar thoughts about Norm Coleman. For the sake of the Democratic Party, I hope he drags out the legal appeals as long as possible. It greatly strengthens the Democratic Party. Yet for the sake of the people of Minnesota, I hope he will learn to graciously accept defeat soon.

    As a final note, I do hope that the Republican Party comes up with new faces and new voices. As much as I am a supporter of the Democratic Party, I am even more fiercely democratic with a small 'd'. The Democrats need strong opposition if our democracy is going to work the way our forefathers envisioned it.

  2. Dick Cheney reminds me of a bitter grandpa. "Kids these days. Everything in my day was better."

  3. I think Dick and Karl must sit around grousing about the demise of their master plan, though it's well past time to let it go. Bitterness breeds ulcers. Move on.