Sunday, May 31, 2009

Where is Bill Clinton?

Bill ClintonWith the run away spending, the bail-outs, Chris Dodd scandals, economic crisis, Tea Parties, Nancy Pelosie clarifications, the war, North Korea nuclear program, and the nomination of liberal jurist Sotomayor, I have had so much to think about that I just forgot all about Bill Clinton. It just dawned on me that I had not heard him mentioned in some time. I kind miss ole Bill. I always thought of him as a kind of rascally, likable, charismatic phony. He was personable and he was entertaining. Despite not liking his politics, I kind of liked Bill. He reminded me of a Pentecostal Televangelist or maybe a used car salesman. I thought he had loads of personality but was a little sleazy. He had that quality that attracts stupid girls. I thought he actually governed quite well, thanks to his malleability and a Republican congress that set the parameters.

By this time, I was sure he would have been in the news. I expected he would make some statement that was at slight variance with the official position of the administration and he would have caused Hillary all kinds of embarrassment. Or, I thought he would have been engaged in accepting some sort of honorarium or establishing some sort of business relationship with some faction interested in gaining government favor. Or, I thought we would hear reports of some bimbo fraternization or sexual scandal.

We have heard nothing! We really need some Bill Clinton for comic relieve. I know we have Joe Biden to occasionally say stupid and embarrassing things, but Joe Biden is no Bill Clinton. We need Bill! While I miss him, I want to commend him for being on his best behavior, keeping his mouth shut, keeping his pecker in his pants and his face off the evening news.

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  1. He just did a debate or seminar with George W. a couple of days ago. I didn't listen to it but it's probably on Youtube somewhere.

  2. With a look like that on his face, only he knows!!

  3. Maybe he figures Biden is enough comic relief for now.

  4. Obama named him as envoy to Haiti a couple of weeks ago. Why? I don't know. I figured giving Hilary a gig and paying off her campaign debts was sufficient brownnosing.

  5. Some how I thought he would go to Korea with Hillary and then head to China in search a of a Brothel that owed him a favor or something.