Sunday, August 23, 2009

Barney Frank’s ‘Nazi’ questioner was Lyndon LaRouche Loony

By now you have probably seen the video clip of the widely reported exchange between Representative Barney Frank and the women who at a town hall meeting on health care asked the Congressman, “Why are you supporting this Nazi policy?" The clip is below:

Anyone who has read this blog, knows I am an opponent of the current proposals for health care reform. I favor reform, but reform that will correct what is wrong with the current system without destroying it.

I also support those citizens who are showing up at town hall meetings to let their elected representatives know of their opposition to the proposed health care “reform.” If my congressman would have had a town hall meeting, I would attended and let my opposition to ObamaCare be known.

Also, Barney Frank is one of my least favorite politicians. Despite all of the above however, I think Barney Frank was correct to respond to this women in the tone and with the contempt he showed her. He asked her "On what planet do you spend most of your time?" He then says, “trying to have a conversation with you is like trying to argue with a dinning room table.”

He is right! Those who refer to ObamaCare as a “Nazi policy” are over the top. They deserve contempt. They undermine the legitimate arguments against the proposed remaking of the American system of health care. Obama’s friends in the press will publicize such rhetoric and attempt to paint all opponents of Obamacare as nuts.

I don’t know how we defend ourselves against being painted with the same brush as this nut, but we should distance ourselves from those who show up at town hall meetings armed advocating “watering the tree of liberty” and those who compare Obama to Hitler.

This women at the Barney Frank town hall meeting was a Lyndon LaRouche cultist. The lapdog press for the most part did not report that fact. These LaRouche people are few in number but make a point to grab the spotlight.

The LaRouche followers are certainly not conservative and are not even Republicans. LaRouche himself ran for President seven times as a Democrat and he has a long history of left wing associations. Despite the long history of left wing association, sometimes the LaRouche movement is hard to classify because their positions are all over the map. They sometimes take position that coincide with conservative positions but normally they are far left. They also subscribe to some nutty conspiracy theories. I think Barney Frank was right; these people are from a different planet.

We in the conservative movement and opponents of ObamaCare must disassociate ourselves from the LaRouche loonies and other nuts who are trying to steal the spotlight and hijack the movement.

To read the full statement of the LaRoucher who spoke at the Barney Frank town hall and learn more about the LaRouche connections lick here and here.

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  1. Thank you for providing the additional information that was missing from so much of the coverage that the person speaking was a LaRouche follower.

    We may disagree about the best solution to the health care crisis in our country, but it seems like we agree that calling out the extremists from any party that do not move forward the discussion on how best to solve our countries problems is worthwhile.

  2. Conservatives who wish to get rid of Barney Frank, should be throwing their support to Earl Sholley. He is a true Conservative running in the shark infested RHINO waters of Massachusetts. Sholley's campaign needs some financial support, so he can beat Barney Frank.

  3. This is a great site that you have here. I have a site myself where people can freely express their opinions towards controversial debate topics. After looking at your site, I see that you have some valuable insight you can provide us. This is why I left this comment.

    Keep up the good work. Maybe we can do a link exchange.


  4. I don't follow the nazi comparrison, either. To me it seems like socialized medicine is more in the direction of socialism/communism, not fascism.

    Now if the President was outlawing homeschooling, that would be a very nazi-like policy, as Germany under Hitler outlawed homeschooling (and oddly, homeschooling is still outlawed in Germany to this day.)