Monday, August 10, 2009

Dear MoveOn member: No Regrets on Health Care

Dear Fellow Right-wing Extremist and Right-wing Mobsters,

I thought you might be interested in seeing my most recent email from MoveOn.

I don't know why MoveOn needs to raise money to counter the ObamaCare critics who are showing up at town hall meetings. Do Congressmen charge admission to town hall meetings? Maybe MoveOn pays people to attend town hall meetings? If so, maybe I am on the wrong side of the issue. We right-wing extremist have all the fat cat insurance companies and special interest on our side and I have still not had anyone offer to pay me for voicing my opinion. I will accept a contribution to support this blog. So, if any of you know any of those insurance company fat cats who are spreading around the money to rent a mob, maybe you can tell them you know a blogger who will take some money from them. I am still waiting on my check for attending the Tea Parties.

Like MoveOn says, you do not want to look back and wish you had done more so we all need to redouble our effort to defeat ObamaCare.

Dear MoveOn member,MoveOn ObamaCare Health care

This month, we're either going to win or lose the fight for real health care reform.

Do you want to look back and wish you'd done more? I sure don't.

That's why we're planning to double our efforts on health care this month. Over the weekend, we blew through our initial fundraising goal. If we can raise an additional $210,000 immediately, we'll be able to dramatically expand our campaign to pass real health care reform. Can you chip in $20?
With Congress home this month, right-wing extremists are crashing town hall meetings, shouting down members of Congress, making death threats—they even hung one congressman in effigy.

In order to win on health care—and the rest of President Obama's agenda—we've got to double our efforts with a bold, ambitious plan of action to show that the overwhelming majority of Americans continue to support Obama's plans for change. We're calling it "Real Voices for Change."

The response was overwhelming: we blew past our last fundraising goal. And today we're deciding what more we can to do expand our campaign over the August recess—everything from additional on-the-ground turnout to town halls to hard-hitting new ads.

If we can raise an additional $210,000 immediately, we'll double our efforts. That means we need donations from 18 people in Nashville. Can you chip in $20?
For more details on what's been happening at town halls across the country, see our message from last week below.

Thanks for all you do.

–Justin, Matt, Nita, Kat and the rest of the team

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  1. Are CATS covered under Obama family health care plan?