Saturday, September 26, 2009

For a look at a real 'angry mob' see the G-20 protesters.

For months now, the main stream media has been repeating the Democrat's talking points of painting Town Hall protesters and Tea Party participants as "astroturffers" organized by the insurance industry, and as racist, and as part of "an angry mob." I don't think the American people are buying it. The only violence reported in connection with the Town Hall/Tea Party protest was cases in which the anti-Obama protesters were the victims of violence. There was the case where two SEIU union thugs beat up a Black conservative protester in St. Louis and the case where a MoveOn member bit off the finger of an opponent. Except for these two incidents the Anti-Omaba protest have been relatively orderly and peaceful.

At the 9-12 March on Washington, there were between 75,000 and two million people, depending on whose numbers you want to believe, and there were no arrest. That does not sound like an angry mob to me. I have attended some of the Tea Party events here in Nashville and never felt like I was part of an angry mob. There was no violence and no vandalism. The feeling was like that of a high school football pep rally. When a Tea Party comes to town, no one boards up their windows.

For a look at what a real angry mob looks like see Comparing the Tea Parties to the G20 protests - the violence, destruction and hypocrisy of the Left.

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  1. As a Pittsburgh resident, I can say that the G-20 Summit here was relatively peacful compared to other Summits. There will always be those who use a venue like this to get rowdy, but all in all, it went well.

  2. Thanks for pointing out the hypocrisy. If what happened in Pittsburgh had occurred at the 9-12 protest, it would have been front page news for a week.

  3. Thanks for putting the differences out there...Amazing how one incident, like the p-12 can be spun so differently..The major network should be watched for entertainment purposes only..And with a ton of salt..