Friday, September 4, 2009

Taxes by Ray Stevens. If 10% was good enough for Jesus...

A great toe-tapping novelty song from Ray Stevens: Taxes.


Now, I'd just like to say a few words right here about taxes
I pay another man to do my taxes
On account of it's just one more deduction I can take
But the postman brought my W2 this mornin'
And this year they're claimin' a third of all I make
Now I'm just as patriotic as the next man
And you know I love that Red, White, and Blue
So, I'll help to pay this risin' "cost of freedom"
But I'll be danged if I'm gonna change my point of view

Because "every time the bureaucrats run out of money
Well Congress socks it to the workin' man
And I don't think it's one bit funny
When they take so much of my money
And do things with it I don't understand
I don't know why they feel they gotta squeeze us
But I'll tell you just exactly where I stand
I believe if ten percent is good enough for Jesus
Well, it ought to be enough for Uncle Sam"

Now, some of them folks that we've been sendin' off to Congress
Think that all they've got to do is spend and spend
But, you know, you can't run a family, much less a country,
with more money goin' out than comin' in
And that ole debt just keeps on gettin' bigger
And we're all gonna have to pay, so don't you laugh
'Cause one day soon you might just look down at your paycheck
And figure out that they done started takin' half

Repeat( Chorus) Above
And "every time the bureaucrats run out of money...

I said if ten percent is good enough for Jesus
Well, it ought to be enough for Uncle Sam

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