Sunday, September 13, 2009

Joe Wilson, the Heckler

Sherry at Lipstick Election posted an insightful article today on the Joe Wilson incident. Sherry says she has known Joe Wilson for 39 years and used to regularly play cards with him. She is surprised by his behaviour. Below is an excerpt from her post:

The Joe Wilson I knew then and now is not the congressman I saw yell out during the president’s speech to Congress on Wednesday night.

Joe is one of the most non-confrontational people I’ve ever known. He is friendly, polite, easy-going and generally not argumentative. He has always been one to stand firmly for his principles without being belligerent.
Follow the link to read the balance of Sherry's post and my comment. I agree with Sherry that Wilson's yelling out "You lie" during the President's address was inappropriate. He has apologised, the President accepted his apology and that should end it. I hope the Democrats do try to censure him however. It they do, it will backfire.

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  1. Sometimes, enough is enough and even the most reserved among us feel the need to speak out. This truth that comes from emotion is more honest then the truth that comes from the constant talking heads of the lying media.

  2. unfortunately the idiots "emotions" got him to stick not only his foot but his whole ass ,into his mouth,completely covered with his own racist driven ignorance, since as we have subsdequently seen proven by and others Wilson was the one who was believing a propaganda lie feed to him by his own delusions

  3. Thank you Joe Wilson for speaking for so many Americans. Btw nice blog.