Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Who is Van Jones

Isn't it interested how liberals consider it "smear tactics" when you use one of their own's own words to expose them? Arianna Huffington calls the exposé of Jones a "vile and vicious smear campaign." Keith Olberman calls Jones' critics racist. Other liberals are equally defensive of Jones and critical of his critics.

Jones has spoken openly of his becoming a communist. In speaking of the period in his life in which he moved further leftward he has stated, "By August, I was a communist." He does not view that as a mistake or something he views with regret or shame but simply states it factually. He is an unrepentant communist. He has said that he has since changed his tactics from his days as a rowdy Black nationalist radical, but not his views. He says he still considers himself a revolutionary.

Those that defend Jones do not deny that Van Jones is a communist and an anarchist and a 9-11 truther, they just think it is smear tactic to mention it. Despite history's record of the Communism experiment; despite the undeniable fact that Mao and Stalin are each responsible for many more deaths than Hitler, many American liberals still have a soft spot in their heart for communism and prefer communist to anti-communist. In their view it is cool to be a communist. The way they see it, Communist are just really committed progressives. They view being a communist as a noble thing and a mark of one's commitment to some sort of social justice. I can only assume that President Obama shares that view.

God help us.

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  1. You raise very important points about the dangers of communism. It sounds like we need to start asking those in government if they are now, or have ever been members of the Communist Party. That worked so well in the past.

  2. Aldon: In Van Jones' case, he doesn't need to be asked, it's all on YouTube and Hulu. Additionally, Mr. Jones is a racist (also on YouTube and Hulu). He is also a 911 Truther--unless, of course, you believe that Yale trained lawyers shouldn't read what they sign.

    Mr. Jones hung himself from his own petard.

  3. He might not be in the right, but irregardless you guys are just a much of a hypocrite calling this man a racists. There is nothing to do with skin!

    It is sad to see that old white men have not moved past differences of skin color.