Saturday, October 24, 2009

Does Obama's communications czar know the bloody truth about Chairman Mao?

By: Mark Tapscott, Editorial Page Editor. The Washington Examiner, 10/17/09

[Excerpt] ...the murderous truth about Dunn's hero. First, Johnson describes Mao's actions in the weeks immediately after winning the civil war: "Mao's first act was to extend his 'land reform,' already begun in the North, to the entire country, It was aimed at 'local bullies and evil gentry' and he urged peasants to kill 'not one or two but a goodly number of each.' At least two million people perished, half of them the tyrannical owners of less than 30 acres."

[Excerpt] During the years between 1951 and 1953, for example, Mao conducted these campaigns with what Johnson describes as "great savagery." Millions died after being convicted as "counter-revolutionaries," an all-purpose criminal classification used to make short work of anybody who came under suspicion. (link)

Comment: There are those on the fringe of the right who believe that President Obama desires to turn America into a totalitarian Communist dictatorship. They see his power grabs, nationalizations, and enemies list as warning signs. I am not yet among those who think President Obama has these grand designs. However, when President Obama appoints an admirer of Mao as his Communications Czar he is feeding the paranoia and the concern of his critics.

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