Saturday, October 3, 2009

Investigating the Murder of a Black Student in Chicago: Don't tattletale, the number one ruley.

Don't Snitch
by Mac Dre

Man... I'm through fuckin' around
You niggaz keep on ya gon' be duckin' some rounds
I'm rushin' the mound, bitch done hit me with a pitch
He a snitch and he walk with a switch
He in a band that sing for the cops
Him and his mans, they cleanin' up shop
Undercover concert promotor
Ricky Schroder tryin' to turn somebody over
Put that E.T. finger up, you stooley
Don't tattletale, the number one ruley
You the jumpest, the boys, them people
Slipped in the game, sellin' toys to people
I avoid them people, don't ask me shit
The only law I break is in public, grip
My mouth zipped, I plead the 5th
And niggaz like you get pushed off a cliff

[Chorus] - X 2
(Don't ask me shit)
I don't tell mayne
(I don't tell)
You can send me to jail mayne
(Don't ask me shit)
I won't tell mayne
(I won't tell)
Send me to jail mayne

You can line 'em up and put twelve in a box
and find out your boy is workin' with the cops
Doin' flip-flops, the Rover rollin' over
The Tootsie Roller, scared to do a quarter
It's October and he can't be gone 'til November
So he's givin' up the gang, every damn member
Everything he remember - he's tellin'
He get out of jail free, ain't no bailin'
He's no felon, he's no misdemeanor
He got a target melon and a E.T. finger
Nigga you the cleaners tryin' to wash me
Quit peepin' at my Beamer, tryin' to watch me

[Chorus] - X 2
(Don't ask me shit)
I don't tell mayne
(I don't tell)
You can send me to jail mayne
(Don't ask me shit)
I won't tell mayne
(I won't tell)
Send me to jail mayne

Police Chief Decries 'Code of Silence'

Chicago Breaking News Center, September 30, 2009 (link)

On Tuesday, Chicago Police Supt. Jody Weis said authorities believe at least three other teens also punched or kicked the boy.

Weis called on the community to step up and tell police what they know. "Few have come forward," he told a news conference. "We must do better."

Weis decried the "code of silence" that he said was keeping police from making more arrests. Without more cooperation, he said, there will be "more violence...and unfortunately more funerals."

He also criticized teens who witnessed the beating last Thursday and did not call police. Weis said the 911 center did not get a call about Albert until after he was brought into a nearby community center.

"You got kids with cell phones but no one called," Weis said. "It's sad more people didn't call earlier."

A good kid, a young Black man, is brutally beaten to death in front of a large group of other Black kids in daylight on a public street and the public will not cooperate with the police in solving the murder. There is an epidemic of Black on Black youth crime in this country. Here in Nashville, we have had 18 young people killed year-to-date, all but a couple of them African American. This is happening across the country and the Black community will not cooperate in solving the crimes. Instead, rap lyrics celebrate not snitching and you can get the "Don't snitch" ringtone for your cell phone and your "Stop snitching" tee shirts in the local clothing store.

Where is the Black leadership in decrying this "code of silence" and senseless murders? One Black Harvard professor gets arrested by a white cop and it dominates the news for days and the President intervenes with some Beer Diplomacy. Last year in Louisiana at Jena High School, six black students were arrested charged with attempted murder after a school fight in which a white student was severely beaten and suffered a concussion. Celebrities and Black leaders rallied around to defend the "Jena Six." To defend the Jena six was a cause worth getting involved in, yet we have unsolved murders of Black kids by other Black kids coast to coast and no one seems to care.

If a Black kid had been killed by a gang of white kids in a similar manner to the Chicago murder, you can bet we would be hearing from Hollywood celebrities and Oprah Winfrey and Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson and probably the President.

What are we to take from this? As long as Black kids are killing other Black kids is it OK? Are we to assume that the Black communities of America care more about showing solidarity against the police rather than cooperating with the police in stopping these senseless killings? Is life in the hood worth so little, that not being a snitch is a higher value than catching a killer. Will no one rise up and say enough is enough and that "Black Culture" has become the culture of the jungle and the thug and must be reformed? Will no one suggest that it is time to stop blaming the problems of the Black community on the oppression of the white man and see the self-destructive behaviour? Does anyone give a damn?

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  1. That is so sad that an entire culture, in America nevertheless, would condone the actions of those murderers by not "snitching." And the African-Americans wonder why they can't get ahead - they keep themselves down because of these kinds of actions.

  2. It seems there is a split within the Black communities. Older folks want justice, more jobs, and a stop to the violence. The young people, many of whom seem to lack solid family structure, live on the streets within crime central. The only way they can protect themselves and their families is not to snitch. It is almost like an implosion. I fear for them all because there are no easy answers.