Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Liberal Love Affair with Communist

Mao Zedung
Anita Dunn

Anita Loves Mao

It is beyond my comprehension to understand why it is acceptable for respectable people to profess their admiration for Mao Zedong. If you have watched the news recently, you are probably aware that Anita Dunn, the White House communications director, gave a high school commencement speech in June in which she identified Mao as one of her two favorite political philosophers.

While Hitler is nearly universally reviled as the epitome of evil, Hitler’s 13 million civilian dead pall in comparison to Mao’s victims. Massive annihilation of segments of the population, the Chinese Gulag, strategic planned starvation, failed economic blunders like the “Great Leap Forward,” and the madness that was the Cultural Revolution total to more than 70 million peace-time victims. Since Mao was not as good of a record keeper as Hitler, the Mao numbers could be even higher. Seventy million is a conservative estimate.

Can one imagine the outcry if a White House appointee had praised Hitler as an example of a man with a vision who rose to power by perseverance and overcoming incredible odds? Can one imagine the outcry if a high-level White House appointee at a High School commencement address had listed Hitler as one of their two favorite philosophers? It is unthinkable, yet one can similarly praise the world most murderous tyrant and the White House, the mainstream press, Hollywood, and everyday Democrats never bat an eye.

Liberals have always had a soft spot in their heart for Communist. Following the Russian Revolution, American liberals flocked to Russian to praise the new Communist regime of Lenin. Following Lenin’s death they loved, praised and excused Stalin up until Stalin fell out of favor when he formed a pact with Hitler. Many Americans liberals loved and respected Ho Chi Minh and carried his picture in anti-war demonstrations and chanted “Ho, Ho, Ho Chi Minh.” They not only wanted America out of the war, they wanted a Communist victory. Liberals thought we were wrong to support the freedom fighters in Nicaragua. They sided with the Communist. Liberals still love Communist. You often hear expressions of admiration for Cuba’s Castro and you can count on the liberal establishment to side with the Communist in any Latin American conflict. About the only Communist that American liberals have not accepted and loved is Pol Pot. I don’t know why Pol Pot never got shown any American Liberal Love.

The current administration apparently doesn’t think being a Communist should disqualify one from serving in the administration. Van Jones was a self-avowed Communist and was made a “czar.” The administration is comfortable with those who admire murderous tyrants as long as they are Communist murderous tyrants.

To see more about the current controversy involving Anita Dunn and see excerpts of her commencement address in context, follow this link: The New York Times.

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  1. Great blog! You are so right about the American left and their love affair with the tyrants of the world. They are, as Lenin said, simply "useful idiots." And the sad part is they don't know it or if they do, they won't acknowledge how they've been used. This pandering to tyrants has been going on since the Bolshevik Revolution! Our government is now being run by third and fourth generation Bolsheviks! Their philosophy is based on Marxism, tempered with Communism and "community organizing." Of course they revere Mao -- he was the ultimate community organizer -- just a 2nd generation Bolshevik with an Asian twist. I am sick of the pandering from the press and now from the Bolsheviks in our government. They need to be swept away to the failed dustbin of political philosophies with all the rest of the Bolsheviks. If we don't, it's simply the end of America as we know it -- personal freedom, economic opportunity, the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. We need to keep the fight going. Your blog helps! Keep up the great work!