Saturday, October 10, 2009

Meet the People Who Were Passed Over for Obama

Sima Samar, women's rights activist in Afghanistan: "With dogged persistence and at great personal risk, she kept her schools and clinics open in Afghanistan even during the most repressive days of the Taliban regime, whose laws prohibited the education of girls past the age of eight. When the Taliban fell, Samar returned to Kabul and accepted the post of Minister for Women's Affairs."

Ingrid Betancourt: French-Colombian ex-hostage held for six years.

"Dr. Denis Mukwege: Doctor, founder and head of Panzi Hospital in Bukavu, Democratic Republic of Congo. He has dedicated his life to helping Congolese women and girls who are victims of gang rape and brutal sexual violence."

Handicap International and Cluster Munition Coalition: "These organizations are recognized for their consistently serious efforts to clean up cluster bombs, also known as land mines. Innocent civilians are regularly killed worldwide because the unseen bombs explode when stepped upon."

"Hu Jia, a human rights activist and an outspoken critic of the Chinese government, who was sentenced last year to a three-and-a-half-year prison term for 'inciting subversion of state power.'"

"Wei Jingsheng, who spent 17 years in Chinese prisons for urging reforms of China's communist system. He now lives in the United States."

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Comment: Does anyone really think President Obama deserved this award?

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  1. I was thinking that this shows the mindset of the left. The other candidates had concrete accomplishments, and many put themselves in personal danger. Obama has ideas, with no accomplishments at all. The difference is that Obama has socialist ideas. Forget that these naive notions would cause the world to be a far more dangerous place. They are preferred by the left, so have more value than reality.

  2. Yes, I honestly believe that President Obama deserves the Nobel Peace Prize. While many people have suffered long and hard to bring about peace in many places, his movement from a diplomacy based on preemptive strikes to a diplomacy of offering a hand to unclenched fists cannot nor should not be minimized.

    To people that scream 'socialism' every time the President of our great country is recognized, I would suggest that they look a little more deeply at differentiating economic policies from international relations policies.

    Likewise, I find the reaction of so many on the right to be sadly predictable. For more on my thinking about this, I would encourage you to read my blog post, The Unclenched Fist.

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  4. Jesse Jackson speaks about Obama's Nobel Prize

    Some say with surprise
    Obama how’d he
    get a Peace Prize?

    They say how could he have won?
    With all his accomplishments
    he aint done

    Some say the Nobel committee gave him a present
    For voting in the U.S. Senate
    130 times present

    But just in case you missed it
    All his accomplishments
    I will now list it

    How about that bling,
    He got that
    from a Saudi King

    Often he would scored
    In a basketball game
    15 point or more

    Or how can you discount his dreams?
    He had
    for our Olympic teams

    Or what about all the Community organizing he has done
    Teaching inner city kids
    being chased by gangs how to run

    The Nobel committee Obama they did choose
    Look at Bush
    all he ever got was a pair of shoes

  5. does make you wonder doesn't it?!

  6. Talk about surprising! Loads of people were absolutely shocked. I posted some questions about this award today also.