Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Will have sex for health care reform.

OK, let’s think about this. Say you are the kind of gal who if she likes a guy and the chemistry is right will sleep with him. You meet some guy, he is oh so cute, and you both just love Chinese food and you enjoy the same movies and have the same favorite rock band. There is some definite chemistry going on. He takes you home. You invite him in. You get into some nuzzling and kissing and caressing and groping. You move it to the bedroom and then you turn to the guy and say, “I have to ask you something.” He thinks you are going to ask about birth control. Instead, you say, “Do you support health care reform?” While looking you in the eye, the guy will smile and look adoringly at you and whisper, “yes.” The sex is great.

Now, if the next day he calls and ask you out again and you have a more detailed discussion about the news of the day and you discover he is for health care reform but not the single payer system, will you feel betrayed? Will you have more great sex with him or not? Or, let us say, he is for health care reform but not the Medicare expansion, does that end the sex? Will you feel used? What if he tells you he is for health care reform, but the reform he favors is tort reform, removing the ban on purchasing insurance across state lines, and shifting the income tax deduction for health care from the employer to the employee and he favors health insurance tax credits? Will you feel dirty? Is the sex over?

What if the next day you discover he is for the Senate version of health care but not the House version? How will that make you feel? Is the sex over? So, before you jump in bed be sure you really know what the guy believes about health care reform. I know that is not as much fun as talking about food and movies and rock bands but don’t make a fatal mistake and bed someone who doesn’t agree with you on this important topic. Also, you might want to make sure you agree about the war in Afghanistan and the death penalty and cap and trade and expanding the minimum wage and immigration reform. What if you agree about health care reform but disagree about some of this other stuff?

Here is another consideration girls: guys lie for sex. I hate to be the one to tell you this but it is true. They will lie about birth control, liking Chinese food and their favorite band. To get laid they would definitely lie about their position on health care reform.

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  1. I guess the only question left to answer in the health care debate is which position will get me the best sex. Thanks for the insight. :-)