Friday, January 15, 2010

Don’t let them take Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat!

Joe Kennedy

Massachusetts Voters!
Don’t let them take Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat!

That seat should forever belong to a Kennedy.

It is an outrage that anyone but a Kennedy should ever sit in that seat!

There is a Kennedy running to fill the seat that was left vacant by the death of our beloved Senator Edward M. Kennedy.
He is from Massachusetts and his name is Kennedy, what more do you need to know?

On Tuesday November 19, go to the polls and vote for Joe Kennedy!
(Those intending to vote for Martha Coakley should go to the polls on Wednesday November 20)

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  1. I am surprised Kennedy held that seat for as long as he did. After he left that young lady in the car & did not try to help her get out before she drowned was a unforgivable thing to do. This healthcare bill that he helped to write is socialism. I do not think his brothers Jack & Robert were socialists & would not have approved of this bill. I guess because he was up in age he was fooled by Obama, & I think probably if he had been younger he would not have supported Obama. I think Massachusetts needs a change.