Friday, January 22, 2010

It's time to put Howard Dean back in charge

Sometime I find myself in complete agreement with the left. Surprised? The left wants Obama to hold to a firm left wing position and so do I. The left wants Howard Dean back as Chairman of the DNC. So do I. I am convinced that the more radical the other side appears, the better our side looks. I am convinced that America is a nation of pragmatic people who favor individual liberty. We are basically a center-right nation.

I am reprinting a Daily Kos article in which the author advocates the return of Howard Dean as chair of the DNC. I want to help the left move the Democrats to the left. I want to help the left drive all moderates out of the Democrat party. I want to help the left bring back Howard Dean.

Warning, this article contains liberal use of blasphemy and the "F" word and an occasional use of the "S" word. Quite frankly, I really am not terribly offended by colorful language but I wanted to give you more sensitive souls a warning.

I think it is important to know how the other side thinks, so I am reprinting this as a public service. Read this and you will see the contempt in which they hold those with opposing views. You will see how illiberal liberals really are. Are these people with which we can find common ground? Just as many libs have never actually watched Fox news or listened to Rush Limbaugh, many on the right have never actually read a MoveOn or Daily Kos post.

Remember, I read Daily Kos and MoveOn so you won't have to.

by jhawklefty
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This'll be a short diary, but I'm about to scream right now and have to vent. Howard Dean is a winner. He understands exactly what the average Democrat stands for and votes for. He also understands exactly how disgusting the right-wing and the Republican Party are. He's not afraid to spread the truth about the right, and if that truth happens to hurt a few wittle wight-wing feewings, well, TOO FUCKING BAD.

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What we have now are people that are afraid of their own shadows, let alone the Goddamn Republicans. The WH and the asswipes in the Senate have been deathly afraid of offending these certifiable nutcases. I just saw Richard Wolffe saying that the WH is planning on going balls to the wall this year and is, in effect, done with putting up with the attacks from the right. A little problem there: TOO. FUCKING. LATE. We just LOST a Senate seat in Massachusetts. We couldn't get shit done with 60 votes in the Senate, what makes you think anything will be done now with 59? The bubble around the WH has made the Democratic Party unbelievably weak. Like, losing a senate seat in Massachusetts weak. Wolffe also said that the WH was "surprised" about the party discipline from the GD Republicans. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? SURPRISED? I've lived in Kansas my entire life and I could've told you on the night of Obama's win exactly how the right and the GOP were going to play this. These morons get paid how much and have direct access to the President and they were fucking surprised? Jesus! Watching five minutes of politics would tell a person living in complete isolation in fucking Siberia who and what the Republicans are and how they roll. Christ on a crouton.

After Wolffe, the good Dr. came on. Said people are upset with the kind of change they're seeing, that it's not the change they voted for. That they didn't vote for an insurance industry-written bill. That they didn't vote for sweetheart deals with Wall Street. And that there are "a lot of Democrats who aren't sure if they're Democrats." I'm sorry, this guy is more of a leader than the empty suit in the WH. Get Kaine's sorry ass out of there and put Dean back in. He knows what we're up against and knows how to win.

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