Thursday, January 21, 2010

Please help persuade the Republican leadership to have Scott Brown deliver the Republican response

Dear Bloggers and Activist,

Please help persuade the Republican leadership to have Scott Brown deliver the Republican response to the President’s State of the Union address. Most of the time, the opposition party’s response gets little attention and generates less enthusiasm. Scott Brown’s election was a heavy blow to the Obama revolution. Scott Brown delivering the State of the Union address could be a good follow up punch. I don’t know of anyone who could create more enthusiasm for the Party than Brown.

I don’t always trust the Republican leadership to do the smart or right thing. Some of it is ideology, but I suspect most of it is simply ineptitude. In the case of Scott Brown, I would not be surprised if some Republicans with fragile egos and ambition do not feel threatened by the new guy. If the Republicans are smart they will let Scott Brown deliver the Republican response. If he gives the speech, the announcement that he is going to give it will be news, the speech will be watched, the speech will be news, and the follow up commentary and analysis will be news. If the Republicans are smart Scott Brown will give the speech.

Sometimes work and life and a new computer that won’t work interfere with my blogging. I don’t have time to do what I want to do today. Please someone, start an i-petition and a Facebook “cause” to persuade the party to have Scott Brown give the Republican response to the State of the Union. Talk it up on political chat groups and e-blast your list and email and call the local conservative radio talk shows! Scott Brown needs to give the response.

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  1. Rod,

    I think Scott Brown might be the most liberal Republican Senator, even to the left of Snowe. His voting record is horrible.
    He definitely wants nationalized health care - he said so himself twice yesterday

    See this:

    and this:

  2. A few different thoughts:

    First, I'll identify myself as a liberal/progressive and admit that ideologues to the right of me have even called me a socialist or communist.

    With that, I supported Croakley because of her policies. However, I did not support her because she seemed to me to be part of the aristocracy that expected to inherit a seat instead of fight for it on the merit of her ideals and convictions.

    I also like Brown because he has used cable access programming as a way to reach his constituents.

    Many of my friends on the left have become disappointed with President Obama as he has changed, in their minds from the 'hope for change' candidate to the embodiment of insider Washington politics.

    I fear that the same disappointment may come to people on the right with Sen. Elect Brown, and I think that Matt is right to point out that he isn't the great conservative savior.

    All of that said, I think having Sen. Elect Brown deliver the Republican response would be the wisest thing Republicans have done in a long time. I would listen to his response. I probably won't listen to the guy they currently are proposing. (I can't even remember his name, only that I think he is from Virginia).

    Yet I don't think the Republican establishment can be convinced of that. Sen. Elect Brown's message is also a message of change, and it is as much of a challenge to the Obama administration as it is to the Republican leaders.

    It will be interesting to watch all of this unfold.