Tuesday, January 19, 2010

We Won! We Won! We Won!

Scott Brown takes Massachusetts!

I don’t know when I have been more excited about a candidate winning an election. Probably not since Reagan was elected President. I feel like we have taken our country back. If we can win in Massachusetts we can win anywhere! I know there is still a long way to go but President Obama put his prestige on the line and lost. Obama made this a referendum on his presidency. He lost. The writing is on the wall. We will retake our country.

I was doing some phone bank volunteer work tonight at the state Party headquarters for a local Republican organizing effort and was working with about fifteen other Republicans. When the AP called the election for Scott Brown, the room broke into spontaneous applause and cheers. It was a great place to be to witness this victory. This win in Massachusetts changes the political landscape. We have a right to be energized and excited. We not only won, we won by a sizable majority.

The Democrats will try to rationalize this lost. They are already saying Coakley did not work hard enough and ran a lack luster campaign. That is all true, but Massachusetts is a state with a three to one Democratic Party majority. Ted Kennedy had held this seat for 47 years. If there was any safe seat for a Democrat, this was it. There is no way to rationalize this loss. It was a referendum on Obama’s presidency and Obama’s policies were repudiated.

The Democrats may still ram through Obamacare but it will be at their own peril. If they delay allowing Brown to take his seat, the public disgust with the Democrats and their backroom deals and crooked politics will only grow. The tide has turned. The Obama revolution is over.

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  1. Go ahead and let them ram through healthcare by some crooked underhanded method, the better for us to gain majoriites in both houses.

  2. This is an interesting turn of events, and surprising that that happened in Massachusetts, of all places. That really says something.

  3. Rod, I can safely say you did your part to make this happen. Every voice matters, and I know you recruited a number of them.

    The only problem I see is that with news like this you come across as much less disgruntled. You need to get your ire up because changing the name of your site would just be a headache :)

    Nah, you deserve some joy at least once every year, and it has been 365 days on the dot for you :)

    Good stuff Rod! Let's make sure Joe Biden is there to pull out the chair for Mr. Brown, the new Senator from Massachusetts!


  4. Thank God Brown won. Someone's gotta start keeping the liberal children in congress in check.

  5. WOW...I just happened onto this site and WHAM. The 1st paragraph expresses exactly what I felt last night. It's been so long since I was excited about most anything political since Regan...well...Palin's initial foray into the morass was inspiring.

  6. I wore all brown today...from my pony tail holder to my socks and shoes. :) WOOHOO!