Saturday, February 20, 2010

Global warming business team-players abandon the coalition.

It seems as if the global warming consensus continues to crumble. First there was climategate, exposing fraud, corruption of data, the destruction of data, and the suppression of dissenting voices within the scientific community. Then, there was the glaciergate scandal revealing sloppy work on the part of IPCC scientist; work that made it into the IPCC report. The report had glaring examples of simple subtraction and division errors that should embarrass a fifth grader.

Then Phil Jones, the East Anglia University scientist at the center of the Climategate scandal admits that the current period of global warming may be no greater than the previous two warming periods since the last little ice age. He also admits there has been no warming since 1996. On top of that, what started as just a very few scientist breaking their silence and dissenting on global warming has turned into a steady trickle of dissenting voices who are breaking from the pack. Many of these are not concluding that global warming is not occurring but they are questioning specific conclusions and the quality of certain research.

At the same time, more and more companies selling carbon credits were revealed to be nothing but scams and even "green power" that one can purchase from their local electric company was revealed by Mother Jones to be a scam.

This week there was another blow on the global warming front. BP America, Conoco Phillips, and Caterpillar dropped out of the main lobbying group for cap and trade, the U.S. Climate Action Partnership (USCAP).

It looks like the solid consensus is no longer quite so solid and the united front is no longer so united.

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