Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Look at the kind of winter we have had

I have resisted applauding those who build an igloo to mock global warming alarmist. It is hard to be alarmed about global warming when Washington DC is under four foot of snow and when it is snowing in New Orleans. Record snowfall however does not disprove global warming. There is a difference between weather and climate. That said however, the next time we have a hot summer or a lack of snow or a hurricane, don't blame it on global warming. The misuse of weather to make a statement about climate change cuts both ways. Watch that poor old fool Robert Byrd arguing that a winter with little snow proves global warming.
I found this footage posted at Dan Cleary.

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1 comment:

  1. Ug...I always hate hearing about global warming in the summer. Give me a break. In the 70s they said we were entering a world of global cooling and we should all be covered in ice cubes by now. I've never bought into the idea of man made global warming...even when I was a lefty liberal. The earth warms and cools naturally. Greenland used to be farming country!

    You are right though...weather and climate are two different things. :)