Saturday, March 27, 2010

Observing Earth Hour

Opps, I almost missed Earth Hour. I just went outside to turn on my porch light to protest silly symbolism. My porch light is one of those weird shaped environmentally friendly lights however, so I am not burning many watts.

I live in what must be one of the most liberal communities in Nashville. Our community is so liberal that we don't call our Crime Watch captains, "captains," because that sounds too militaristic. Our neighborhood organization has adopted a statement saying we welcome people of all sexual orientations and gender preferences. We are pretty liberal. I did not see any dark houses on my street. Everyone had their light on. Was Earth Hour really tonight?

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  1. Heh. We turned on every single light on we could. Found a couple that were burnt out, so this was a good thing to do. :)

  2. I was out burning fossil fuels delivering pizza, unfortunately I found a bunch of lights out. Hard to read house numbers with no lights, especially black letters on a dark background.

  3. Personally, I'm getting sick and tired of the whole Earth Hour & Earth Day thing and the Global Warming issue, most of the arguments for Global Warming are easily debunked, and the rest barely qualify to even be considered like Nostradamus's Predictions.

  4. My son said he would turn out all the lights.... then make a styrofoam bonfire in the back yard.