Monday, March 22, 2010

Repeal the Health Care Bill !!!

To Members of Congress & Conservative Candidates for Office:

Congress is now pushing through an awful government-run healthcare plan that "We The People" oppose, pushes this nation further in its slide towards socialism, and that runs against the Constitutional limitations placed on the role of the federal government.

We are calling for a repeal of this legislation. Those who work to repeal it will enjoy our support in the tea party movement. Those who have either supported this legislation, or who do not work to repeal it, will hear from "We The People" in the upcoming November 2010 congressional elections. You've been put on notice, and you should not underestimate our power at the polls.

Signed,"We The People"

Follow the below link to sign the petition:

Repeal the Health Care Bill !!!

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  1. Repeal will not happen. Ever. I want the republicans who want to repeal medicare to raise their hand. No takers? It's simple, they cannot win running on a platform that says we want to reopen the donut hole for seniors, or tell someone they will now be denied again due to their pre-existing conditions. That's why entitlement programs are so notoriously difficult to repeal and has rarely happened. That's the same thing that happened with Medicare - it's a government entitlement that virtually all Republicans champion. I don't like this bill, but the Republicans shot themselves in the foot. After the large majorities that swept the Dems into power in '08, there was going to be healthcare bill. By going the obstructionist route, they basically now have to permanently swallow this bill. If they had negotiated in good faith, Obama would have given up a lot of government control in favor of free market reform in exchange for 20-30 Republican votes.

    The absolute soonest this repeal could possibly happen is in 2012, and by then enough people will have seen the entitlements from this program to make that position untenable. Repubs may get back the house and the senate by then, but there is no chance of a repeal. None. When the bill was in the senate subcommittee, Republicans on that committee came out and flatout said, "I'm not trying to reach a compromise, I'm trying to see how much I can get them to take out." That attitude simply made the dems defensive and convinced them that they have to do it alone.

    And this is the result. A permanant staple of our government, much like medicare and social security. It will NEVER be repealed.

  2. Unfortunately, Congress doesn't seem to care what we want or they never would have voted for this monstrosity in the first place.