Monday, April 12, 2010

Start a Republican Breakfast group!

If you are one of my three faithful readers you may have noticed I have not posted much original commentary as of late. I also have done less networking and advertising and blog promotion. I am not giving up my blog, but I have been devoting more of my time to local political activity.

Beginning about last November, I started organizing Republican “Summit” or Meetups. If these groups are Saturday morning breakfast groups we are calling them “Egg and Bacon Summits.” We now have eight of these monthly groups established in Davidson County and we have another new one starting this coming Saturday and two more new ones are planned that do not yet have starting dates or locations. These have been tremendously successful. We have been having anywhere from fifteen to forty people at each meeting. We have candidates for governor speaking to the groups as well as local candidates and advocates of conservative causes.

Not only are people coming out on a Saturday morning to be informed and motivated but they are organizing and volunteering. At these meeting we are getting people to volunteer to go door to door to campaign for candidates, to serve as poll workers and to sign up to work phone banks. Candidates are recruiting campaign workers. We are witnessing real grassroots political organizing.

Davidson County has been a solidly Democratic county ever since the end of reconstruction. The Republican Party has been a well kept secret. In Davidson County there is only one State Republican House representative and there are several Democratic Representatives. The Party has not had a primary in thirty-six years. All of the county court house positions are held by Democrats. This is changing! We are having a primary this year, for only one courthouse position however, but we are having a primary. For the first time in several years we are having a Reagan Day Dinner. It is already sold out and has been moved to a bigger venue. To see more about what the party is doing, visit the Republican website at DCRP; GOP WIN 2010 . Keep in mind that is happening with a party that hardly existed two years ago.

We have a great chance to take at least one of the State House Representative seats and a shot at taking three others and a shot at taking a State Senate seat. Most importantly we have a chance to defeat that “blue dog” lap dog, Jim Cooper. There is an incredible energy, anger and enthusiasm. We are trying to channel that anger and energy into action that can win elections. Unless the anger and enthusiasm is channeled into building the party and electing conservatives it is just wasted energy. I think that we really are going to win some important elections. I almost feel elated.

The Republican groups I am helping organize are taking a lot of my time. It is not complicated but takes a lot of communications and coordination, and scheduling of speakers, and doing the phone banks and maintaining of web sites, and training group coordinators. If I am scheduling speakers or manning phone bank or on the phone with our group captains I can’t be composing blog post. I think my time is better spent starting Republican groups and organizing activist than blogging. We are trying to build the party and focus the energy into creating a party organization. Our Party is blessed to have a great leader, Kathleen Starnes, and a dedicated hard-working executive committee and many volunteers. Many people are stepping forward to identify themselves as Republicans and want to make a difference. People who have never been involved in politics are getting involved for the very first time.

If where you live the Party is active, then I encourage you to get involved and help it grow. If it is not, then activate it. Make it an effective and active Party. Start a Republican Breakfast group. It is not that hard to do. Just do it! If doesn’t matter if you have never done anything like this before. People are angry and want to see a change and are hungry for some direction. Don’t let this opportunity slip by.

If you would like to confer with me, then email me and if we need to talk I will call you and give you a free pep talk and some advice. Go for it! Do it! Start a Republican group in your community. Don’t leave it up to someone else to turn the anger into constructive action- do it!

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