Sunday, May 30, 2010

Carbon Tax Credits for Sale

I did not go out of town this holiday weekend. In fact I only put about 12 miles on my car all weekend. If you are an environmentally conscious person and took a weekend trip or a day trip, you negated all of the carbon savings you have done all year by doing such things as paying extra on your electric bill to purchase green power, by cutting your computer off at night and by lowering the thermostat. You should feel guilty for taking that Memorial Day weekend trip. I know you wanted to go the lake to kayak with your daughter or go to the beach to spend time with your mother or meet your friends at that far away concert but it takes carbon to do those things. I understand wanting to have it both ways. I want to help you.

Since I did not go anywhere this weekend, I have some carbon credits to sell you. Buy my carbon credits. I did not go on a trip so you could. If you buy my carbon credits it will be as if you did not go on a weekend trip out of town and as if you only drove your car 12 miles. Let me take your guilt. The price of my carbon credits are negotiable. To learn more visit Buy Your Carbon Off-sets Here.

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  1. I love this! I've been joking with my husband for ages I could make money selling carbon credits to naive people (stand in the parking lot at Wal-Mart and guilt people who drive SUV's, at gas stations, etc)....never thought of posting it on my site though!
    Great post.

  2. I have forgone driving a Car altogether(albeit not by choice).

    My 21 year old Son rides a bike to work, and everywhere else(albeit not by choice).

    None the less we have mucho Carbon Creds.

    I have an idea(!) Let's start our own Carbon Co-Op? We can call it 'Mr. Green Jeans', or 'Green Streets'?

    We can become the Wal-Mart, of Carbon Cred Sales!

    Whatcha think? Give me a call, we'll do a Vegetarian Lunch, OK?


  3. Don, Great idea. I also do not own a dog and that ought to be worth a lot of credits.

    Thanks Jennifer.
    Emmie, I could not agree more.