Thursday, May 6, 2010

CeCe Heil, Lex Luger & Nikita Koloff Host Time of Prayer

NASHVILLE, TN – Fifth District Congressional Candidate CeCe Heil announced today her campaign will be commemorating the National Day of Prayer at her headquarters.

Hosting this event will be World famous wrestlers, Lex Luger & Nikita Koloff. Lex Luger is a three-time World Champion having held two WCW Championships and the WWA Heavyweight Championship. Recently, Luger has been giving his testimony about becoming a Christian and the changes in his life. Nikita Koloff is a story of welfare to world wide fame as a champion wrestler, who only found fulfillment when he became a Christian.

“Defending the American Dream begins with defending our right to come together to pray,” Heil said. “With the recent tragedy that has struck all of Middle Tennessee there has been no better time to pray for our community and give thanks for what is truly important, our lives, our families, our friends and our freedoms. The freedom to come together and pray is the foundation of what makes America great.”

“Middle Tennessee has proven it is a shining city on a hill. In this time of tragedy Tennesseans have come together helping each other instead of focusing on what the Government is not doing or what they are entitled to…we see neighbor helping neighbor and stranger helping stranger. I am so proud of Tennessee and am asking CeCe For Congress volunteers to take time off our campaign to reach out to their communities and help where they can. America is still great and Tennessee is proving that! I am honored that Lex and Nikita would lend their time to give voice to the ideals our nation represents at this event.”

Supporters of freedom are asked to come together and unite as citizens empowered by prayers for our community. Heil invited Middle Tennesseans to bring the family, drop by after work - come meet with CeCe and her guests this Thursday, May 6th from 4:30 pm – 7:00 pm at her headquarters at 2817 Erica Place in Berry Hill.

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