Monday, May 24, 2010

Is Rand Paul Ready for Prime Time?

Rand Paul needs to go to campaign school. He needs some coaching. If any of you can get to Rand Paul, here are a couple of free tips to pass on. I learned the first one when I first ran for council many years ago. A kind political operative took me aside and gave me some hints. I learned tip number two over time with practice but mostly by observing other politicians.

Tip number one: When someone ask you a hard question, think before you open your mouth. If it is a tough question ask yourself, "What question do I wish they had asked me on this topic?" Then, answer that question. So, don't answer what was asked but what you wish would have been asked.

Tip number two is closely related but not exactly the same: Equivocate. Seldom answer a question with a "yes" or "no." Dance around the question so that by the time you finish answering they will forget what they asked you. Include some parenthetical phrases and some, "I understand how one might come to think that, however if ....." and some, "on the other hand.."
Most questioners will let you get by with that. If they push too hard, they come off looking like a bully. Mr. Paul, watch some interview shows and see how the pros do it.

Being straightforward and honest will make you popular with the Tea Party people and the Libertarians, but it won't get you elected. You must appeal to the broad middle of nonideological voters. You must win over those people who only pay attention to the election shortly before the election, those people who can go either way. Learn to speak in code. Your supporters and your opponents will know what you really mean, but the uninformed casual observer will not be scared off. Now, is not the time to educate the electorate; now is the time to win votes.

Mr. Paul, I want you to get elected but I am not sure you are ready. Please take a weekend off and go on a retreat with the toughest seasoned political operatives you can find and let them pepper you with tough questions and critique your answers. Let them whip you into shape. You need campaign school boot camp.

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1 comment:

  1. I realize what you are trying to say, and it is very good advice... however, "the end doesn't justify the means" in any: way, shape, or form. Honesty and Integrity may not win, but it should be lauded any way....

    Those who practice: Deception, Misinformation, and Propaganda Techniques are ultimately changed and reformed by these immoral activities and unethical behaviors. In the end, you possess successful candidates who so closely resemble those ousted as to effect no real differences. We are [now] far too late into battle to risk even one of these "Real American" candidates.

    Consequently, I must respectfully disagree with you in this matter. Many of us, will vote for candidates with such: integrity, clarity, and honesty in this time of need. Whereas, anything less will be passed over for those who truly possess it.

    Nor, do we need to panic over our inevitable loss in the polls. We have a God in heaven and His Son returns quickly to: "Destroy Babylon The Great," "Set His captive children free," and "Punish these ongoing War Crimes [by His own judgment]"!