Saturday, May 22, 2010

Rima Faikh, hot Arab-American Muslim babe, Congratulations!

Rima Faikh, a 24 year old raven-haired beauty of Lebnese Muslim descent and who says her family celebrates both the Muslim and Christian faiths, was crowned Miss USA last Sunday. Rima lives in Dearborn, Michigan which is home of a large Arab-American community. She is the first ever Arab-American to win the title and the first Muslim American Miss USA.

This should be cause for celebration. At a time when many Americans see most Muslims as terrorist and many think of a women in a black burka when they think of Arab Muslim women, it is nice to see that an American Arab Muslim women can be a hot babe.

I know many on the right would argue that the Muslim faith is the enemy and Muslim cannot moderate. I have never believed that. The Muslim faith will change just as Christianity has changed. Modern Christianity bears little resemblance to the Christianity of the crusades or the inquisition.
Just as the embarrassing parts of the scriptures of the Jewish and Christian faiths are simply ignored, over time the embarrassing scriptures of the Muslim faith will be ignored. Just as many people who identify themselves as Christian are essentially secular people who have reconciled their faith with their culture and lifestyle, so will Muslims.

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  1. The reason that "Modern Christianity" bears little resemblance to the "Christianity of the crusades and the inquisition" is that "Roman Catholicism" was never "True Christianity." True Christianity is to be Christ like in Word and Deed [or Spirit and Truth]! Meanwhile, Christ never attempted to kill anyone over matters of personal belief... nor did He: deny, confiscate, or burn His Father's Scriptures publicly; or even arrest those who publicly quoted from them.

    Rather, He taught, that: "Those who do these things are of their father The Devil!" He claimed that, "Ravenous wolves had entered His sheep fold." That we, "Shall know them by their fruits." That they, "Shall even kill us falsely believing that they do God a service." That they were: "A Synagogue Of Satan." That their priesthood, "Would speak utter blasphemies." And that we should: "Come out from among her My people." For, alas, "Babylon The Great Is Fallen!"

  2. There are many permutations and interpretations of Christianity, some of them compatible with out modern sensibilities and of them abhorrent. One can not deny that Christianity evolves and changes with the times.

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