Wednesday, June 16, 2010

David Hall, candidate for Congress, is hosting a FREE Cut the Pork BBQ

The Just Vote Hall Tour
David Hall, candidate for Congress, is hosting a FREE Cut the Pork BBQ @ Edwin Warner Park - Pavilion 11). Register to win a personalized copy of Senator Fred Thompson's book, Teaching the Pig to Dance. Plan to attend for great family entertainment, food, fellowship and fun! Wife Michelle is running for State Exexutive Committee in District 20, son Dave Hall is running for State House in District 50, and Daughter Alexandra Shea is running for Davidson County Register of Deeds.
Click here to for an audio invite!
Here's the details:
Friday, June 18, 2010
6:00pm - 8:00pm
Edwin Warner Park (Pavilion 11)
Rain or Shine
50 Vaughn Road
Bellevue, TN

RSVP by email to Michelle@JustVoteHall, by calling 615.730.8696 or on the Facebook Event Page

Come visit with your conservative candidate for Congress, David Hall, as he proclaims true conservatism to the voters of the 5th District.

Enjoy FREE barbecue as David explains why 2010 will be our year! This is an event you don't want to miss, we will be giving a signed copy of Fred Thompson's book "Teaching The Pig To Dance" to one of the lucky participants! Great family fun, food and fellowship!

Comment: Please note that reposting a candidates press release or invitation to an event does not constitute an endorsement by The Disgruntled Republican. I may or may not make an endorsement in this race. I encourage everyone to get to know all the candidates and take advantage of any opportunity to hear them speak. I will eat anyone's free barbecue.

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  1. I am not happy about the unsolicited pre-recorded message on my personal cell phone that I got from the David Hall campaign with nothing but a bunch of NRA propaganda. During church no less. Ugh.

    That is no way to get my vote. It only ticks me off.

    A now Disgruntled Voter.

  2. I like David Hall, but I don't like the fact that everyone in the family who is old enough to run for office is running for office!

  3. Stop spamming my cell phone, wasting the minutes that I paid for, not you. If I care to find out about your politics, I will look in the appropriate forums, and you should do your stumping from there, too. Your tactics are an invasion of privacy.

    -Another disgruntled voter