Monday, June 14, 2010

Jeff Harline of Planet Rabid, says Scene writer.

Jeff Hartline as the perceived front runner in the Republican primary seeking to win the nomination to challenge Jim Cooper is the man with a target on his back. His views are scrutinized today in a piece by Bruce Barry in the Nashville Scene entitled, Jeff Hartline: Congressional Candidate on a Mission from Planet Rabid.

Barry features some of Hartlines more "extreme" positions and calls Hartline a "far-right true believer" and says his ideas are "downright scary." Barry is speaking of idea like abolishing all federal entitlement programs except for social security, abolishing the Department of Education, ending the requirement that hospitals provide emergency care to the indigent. Barry concludes that Congressman Cooper could be venerable to a challenge from a moderate Republican but that Hartliine, "a Tea Party-esque extremist, is not that challenger."

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1 comment:

  1. If the Scene is worried about a GOP candidate, I'd wager that they are worried they will be losing their precious traitor to the left in November