Thursday, June 17, 2010

Tennessee's next governor continue to hold double-digit leads over Democratic candidate

According to Rasmussen the next Governor of Tennessee will be a Republican! Knoxville's mayor Haslam leads the pack with a lead of 50% to 32% over presumed Democratic nominee Mike McWherter. Wamp and Ramsey are tied, beating McWherter 44% t 33%.

This is great news! Not only is it great news because we can almost be assured the next governor will be a Republican but if the top of the ticket is a Republican this is good news for Republicans further down the ballot. This means that Republican state representative candidates and senate candidates and Republican U. S. representative candidates. and Republican courthouse candidates have a better chance than they otherwise would have of winning elections. Many Democrats will be discouraged and stay home. This is a Republican year!

Another encouraging finding of this recent poll is that Tennesseans favor repeal of Obamacare by a 63% to 30% margin. This does not mean we can relax and assume our good Republican candidates are destined to win. It means the public is conservative and are inclined to support our candidates. It means that if we work hard they have a chance to win. It is still an uphill battle.

We all need to pitch in and open our wallets so they have the money to challenge the entrenched liberal career politicians and we need to volunteer to work the polls on election day and put a yard sign in our yard and work the phone banks and host a neighborhood "meet and greet." We have an opportunity to win elections if we work hard and don't blow it.

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