Friday, July 16, 2010

An update: Bob Schwartz reports dismal fund raising.

Bob Schwartz, who many see as among the top three contenders for the Republican nomination to take on Jim Cooper in the 5th Congressional district, had his second quarter campaign financial report released today. It does not look good for Bob. He reports receipts of only $10,710. Ten thousand dollars is how much one needs to run a campaign for Metro Council. Can Bob compete?

I asked Bob how he expected the win the primary with such little funding and Bob said his message would win the election. "My straight, clear, conservative, pro-business message that includes a program to get people back to work by slashing taxes and my program to destroy Obamacare and save Medicare will resonate with people," said Bob.

Asked how he could get his message out so people would hear it, Bob said he wished he had more funding and that his campaign was definitely an underdog effort but he had "enough" funding to compete in the process. He said he would be “all over the radio” the four days prior to heavy early voting and prior to primary day. He also said he had a massive email list that he was using to reach people and that his blog, video and website were going “wild” on the web. He sounded upbeat and positive.

Reports for Jeff Hartline and Cece Heil are not yet posted. David Hall reports receipts of $275,968, however most of that is a loan to his campaign. The second quarter report is cumulative through June 30, 2010.

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  1. David Hall has no itemized contributions from anyone other than himself.

    And what is "AHC" and why is he paying them over $200k and then amending his report to show a refund from them?

  2. I think it all depends on what he spends his money on. This is a PRIMARY election. Now do I think that he could beat Cooper with $10,000...NO!

  3. Correct, but I think he CAN win the primary. Once that occurs, the contributors from other campaigns should line up behind Schwartz assuming they are serious about beating Cooper.

    Vote for Bob Schwartz!

  4. Being someone who works in all areas of Middle TN, I have only seen 2 candidates that I feel could REALLY take on Cooper. If the REpublican Party continues to run the SAME OLD candidates, we will continue to get the SAME OLD results. Oh wait...Bob is a new Party Insider huh??? Sorry, but as an outsider, do you honestly think we want more "INSIDERS". NO, they are the PROBLEM! Vote for someone who CAN BEAT COOPER!!!! SPivak, Schwartz, Hartline, Ries...they all can NOT Beat COOPER! Why are you ALL so afraid of something NEW???

  5. I believe that with the corrected report(s) show or will show that the majority of the contributions David Hall raised were not loans from himself but other contributions given to the campaign from himself. This could be is significant because a candidate cannot repay gifts he makes to the campaign the same way he can loans. Thus gifts to the campaigns are more permanent.