Wednesday, July 7, 2010

CeCe Heil’s Congressional Campaign Announces A-team

Nashville, TN, CeCe Heil for Congress, July 7, 2010

CeCe Heil’s congressional campaign merits A-team list of leaders. Cynthia Dunbar, Law Professor & elected member of the Texas State Board of Education, heads up the team of heavy-hitters.

CeCe Heil’s Finance Chair, Tommy Bainbridge, oversees the Financial Committee of Vicki Bartholomew, Steve Lynn, Stephen Mansfield, Jean Ann McNally, Mike McNally and William Morgan.

CeCe’s Advisory Board also boasts an impressive slate including: former Reagan cabinet member Gary Bauer, Campaign For Working Families; Jay Sekulow, Chief Counsel of America Center for Law and Justice; Mat Staver, Chief Counsel of Liberty Counsel; Dr. Mark Houston MD, Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine at Vanderbilt University; and David Barton, Founder and President of Wallbuilders.

CeCe is honored and humbled by the overwhelming support she has and continues to receive. CeCe is grateful for the expertise, time and commitment her leadership team, staff, volunteers, and supporters bring to her campaign.

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  1. I wonder if CeCe's supporters are blinded by her bosom and don't understand that her platform positions are poorly thought out and that she is a terrible public speaker.

    If she and Hartline are the best candidates in the race, Cooper should sail to re-election. I'm going to look hard at some of the other candidates like Schwartz who have well thought out positions if not the most well-funded campaign.

  2. I agree with you Ashley. Schwartz is the only candidate out there who represents true conservative values.