Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hall Tops Poll? Tennessee’s Fifth District Voters Agree: Just Vote Hall

from the Hall Campaign
David Hall for CongressDavid Hall leads all Republican primary challengers to Jim Cooper’s seat in the Fifth District according to a new poll.

David Hall holds a commanding 42% lead in a new poll of voters in Tennessee’s Fifth Congressional District. This scientific poll was conducted among 565 likely Republicain Primary Voters, with a standard confidence interval of 95%, with +/- ratio of 4.05%. Hall’s lead is double that of the nearest challenger and shows a growing consensus of voters deciding to just vote Hall.

The good news arrives while Hall has been building momentum by going door to door, talking to voters and spreading his vision for Tennessee. Contributions to Hall’s campaign have followed the momentum with Hall leading all other candidates in campaign contributions. Hall has posted over $259,000 on his pre-primary filing heading into the final stretch before early voting. Those strong contributions are expected to help Hall contest Jim Cooper’s seat the same way other conservative candidates in Massachusetts, Virginia, and California have been doing. Like those national candidates, David Hall has been targeting the men and women living in the Fifth District, not targeting money and endorsements like other primary candidates.

“Our campaign has been in the lead at every curve,” said Hall, talking about the poll‘s momentum, “We started out with more experience, we reached out to the voters earlier, we started the very first conservative television campaign the 5th District has ever seen, and now we’re once again leading in this area.”

Hall does not plan to rest after the good news in the poll, he and his campaign are continuing to go door to door, phone to phone, and community to community to give the voters in the Fifth District the conservative voice they have not been able to exercise with Jim Cooper.

If you want to meet David Hall, the campaign is working with Gaither Homecoming artists The Hemphills and special guest Billy Blackwood to present a free dinner and concert event in Charlie Daniel’s Park, in Mount Juliet Tennessee. The event will be held for Fifth District voters on July 17, 2010. The concert will be held at 7:00 pm, but Hall advised voters to arrive an hour early to enjoy the free southern style food that will be served.

If you would like more information about David Hall’s campaign, the poll, or the Free Dinner and a Concert event, visit David Hall for Congress.
Or feel free to contact the campaign at:
David Hall for Congress 615-730-8695

Pardon me if I am skeptical. If this is really a scientific poll, then I will believe it but I would need more information. My perception (and it is certainly not based on any scientific poll) is that Cece Heil and Jeff Harline are tied for first place and Bob Schwartz is gaining ground and David Hall is back there with the rest of the pack. Maybe I am spending too much time with other Republican activist however and the real race is being won among people who don't go to Republican picnics but vote in Republican primaries. Who knows?

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  1. I would like to understand how Hall comes out on top in any scientific poll when I haven't heard him on radio, seen him on tv, seen a billboard or sign anywhere, and after he had a miserable showing in the Davidson County GOP picnic straw poll

  2. I did receive this telephone poll, and voted for someone other than Hall, but the poll was from the Hall Camp. If any campaign puts on a poll, the numbers will be skewed to favor that candidate. I like Hall a WHOLE lot better than the "Front Runners" that you (Rod) love so well!
    The more and more I see Patrick Miranda, the more and more I like him! The guy has guts and passion! THAT is what we need in DC!

  3. 1. David Hall for Congress has over 60 4x8 signs out in Cheatham/Wilson County alone and a few in the Donelson/Hermitage/Antioch area and only 2-3 in the west Nashville area. Not sure where you live, but unless you live downtown or in the Greenhill’s area you should see them, and even you must agree that the District is much larger than the Greenhill’s area.
    2. David Hall was the very first to launch his Tv/Radio Campaign, look at his FEC filing, he spent over 150,000 in marketing alone.
    3. There were many great speakers running in the 5th District at the DCRP, and I would agree that the Straw poll was very accurate, as it pertains to the 400 politically active Republicans in Davidson County. However, those 400 don’t speak for the estimated 25,000+ voters that will come out during this primary.

    In summary, I doubt very much that you haven’t seen his signs, heard his radio commercials, seen his tv ads or seen him on fox news. If you haven’t I would put you in the 58% of 5th District voters that will vote for someone other than David Hall on August 5th, which is totally fine, we only need 30-45% to win, which we comfortably have.

  4. Yes, Patick is a very nice man with Passion, and a vision for where this country should be headed. He is certainly on my top 3 list...You probably know who is #1 though :), Just vote the #1 man on top of them all lol (hes the first one listed on the ballot)

  5. Yes, I'm sure David Hall will win the primary by carrying Wilson and Cheatham counties LOL.

    Hall will be lucky to get 5% of the vote on August 5. Bob Schwartz will win a tight race with around 9,000 people voting for him.

  6. Zach Hall, I know you are young and are admirably supporting your father, but if you keep stepping in the deep water, a shark is going to start nibbling sooner or later. Let your father do his bidding.

    I have seen one sign (between Hermitage and Mt. Juliet) but have not heard any radio ads or seen any tv spots. If David Hall spent $150K on marketing, then he's not getting his money's worth!! It'll be interesting, too, to see if Hall actually raised any $$ or if it is all loans like the last disclosure.

    I think this is all hocus pocus. Let's hope Hall doesn't win the primary. It'll be very hard to support him after the deceitful Blackburn endorsement stunt.

  7. Jeremy, you obviously don't know what you're talking about. IF (and I say if) David Hall carries both Cheatham and Wilson counties he will get more than 5% of the vote.


    You should read my latest fb post...Nough said

    Best of luck to all candidates running in the 5th, may the best candidate emerge to face Jim Cooper.

  8. Well Zachary, if you think papa has any hope of winning, you must have a learning disability.

    Poor papa will do poorly on August 5. Schwartz will win in a landslide.

  9. Considering the fact that you spelled my name wrong speaks volumes about your own intelligence. I am not one to talk rashly but I have to say you walked right into that one mister, when you insulted my good name. Secondly, it is very well possible that Bob Schwartz will win the primary, I am saying

    1. He isn't showing the needed support in the polls, not just David Hall's but any
    2. He doesn't seem to have the needed financial backing, David Hall has more financial stability than any other candidate.

    I am open to the option that David Hall won't be victorious, I really am, but until someone comes up with a reasonable and intelligent reason why he won't, I hold my ground, claiming the poll is accurate, his financial report is accurate and he WILL be the winner come August 5th. If you disagree with that, provide proof why those claims are faulty, not just baseless accusations and second class ridicules.

  10. Talk about dishonestly misleading!! Hall says he has "posted" over $259,000 on his Q2 filing. Guess what?! He has not raised a single penny from an independent voter. The $259K includes $68,082 in loans by Hall, $2,597 in contributions by Hall himself and $199 in contributions from -- you guessed it -- Hall himself.

    Where does the rest come from, you ask? Well, he shows a debt of $68,082 and latest cash on hand of -$149,291 (yes, negative). See for yourself:


    I didn't believe the bogus poll before, but now I REALLY don't believe it!

  11. cmjgop, thanks for pointing that out, I went to my dad asked him what was up. He already knew about it and had talked to the FEC earlier that day, the fault was on their end, just another example of the Federal Government being incompetent! It has been fixed now, give the government a few hours to upload the proper totals and look at it again. You will find that David Hall posted well over $259,000, I think he has something like $55,000 cash on hand. Anyway, not sure how long it will take for the FEC to correct its mistake but when it does look at it again.

    Thanks again,

  12. I don't want to pass judgement but the FEC has not changed. Still shows exactly what cmjgop mentioned. ????

  13. It still shows the bogus information on the fec website, which tells me it isn't bogus.

    Personally, I believe Hall is unethical for trying to artificially inflate his donations. I would never vote for him. If he wins the primary, I will vote for Cooper.

  14. John, that is harsh. I can not say that the info is bogus...I know government workers and the lack of them doing their jobs. If Hall wins the primary, I will vote for him. I think he is a WHOLE LOT better than Jim Cooper!

  15. Did ANYONE contribute to Hall but Hall?

  16. David Hall's amended filing is online. These reports are filing electronically by the campaign, not by allegedly imcompetent federal workers.

    Instead of eliminating $201k in payments to "AHC" for polling and administrative expenses, which took the campaign to $149k in the red, the amended filing "refunds" these transactions to bring the campaign back in the black.

    That still begs the questions, what is AHC, and why was it paid $201k for polling and administrative expenses? Is AHC really American Home Crafters, which has the same address as David Hall's home?

  17. David Hall apparently is dishonest, as is his son for defending these indefensible actions. If he wins the primary, I will refuse to support him.

  18. ...You guys make me laugh, please continue. Anyone want to accuse him of the 911 attacks...Anyone? Just whiners with too much time :)

  19. 1. For the record, Bob Schwartz is 1 of 3 candidates I believe could be Jim Cooper given enough funding and support.

    2. David Hall posted over $275,000 for is 2Q filing, mostly self financed. I guess you don't realize the money is money, no matter the source. He actually turned donations (personally I disagree with this), he said he doesn't wish to accept money until after the primary, he wants to prove himself to the voters as a viable/successful businessman...He has received a few $10,$20 and $50 donations online that he accepted but all of the larger donations from the investors he works for and fellow businessman, he asked they wait until the primary is won.

    3. For all those that call David Hall unethical, first as his son...Well I think I have said enough already about my position :), IF you truly believe he is immoral...Don't vote for him, that simple, vote for Cooper...That simple, but in doing so your forever lose your right to complain about the runaway government.

  20. It seems very obvious to me that all you ANTIHALL people are with other campaigns. For people who think he does not stand a "snowball's chance in hell" in winning this primary, y'all sure give this guy a lot of crap! Sounds to me like you all know he is VERY CAPABLE of winning not only the primary, but able to also beat Cooper. All you Schwartz guys on this site, People (and you need THE people, not REPUBLICANS) DO NOT LIKE Party Insiders. I talk to a LOT of people for my job (I am a journalist, so I will remain Anonymous here). People HATE both parties right now. They think BOTH parties are CORRUPT. Maybe, it will be good for an Independent Candidate if Mr. Schwartz were to win...A party insider against an Incumbent???

  21. I went to the FEC filings website and looked at all of the paperwork that had been filed for Mr. Hall and I too am confused.

    I may be a mistake, but I have done extensive research on this, but I do not believe a candidate can any money of that amount from a company, whether he owns it or not.

    The whole math is a little fuzzy to me and I would like to hear from Mr. Hall himself an explination of the report and specifically who AHC is in Nashville that does polling.

    The fact that he paid almost 200k for polling is a little strange because my contacts with one of the governor's to be campaign, said they paid 180k to poll the entire state. 200k just for the 5th seems to me that Mr. Hall was taken to the cleaners.

    Just looking for the facts, please.

  22. I just picked up on this post and went out to try to do some research, but could not find anything on who or what AHC is.

    I would like some clarification on AHC as well from the Hall camp.

  23. I have done some research as well, and here is my educated guess as to what the story is:

    1) I believe AHC is American Home Crafters, one of David Hall's companies. Which means
    2) He did his own polling. Fine. But this means
    3) He credited himself with a receipt for a donation of the polling FROM his company, and an expenditure for the polling TO his company. Also fine, as far as I know.


    4) $200K for polling the 5th district is a highly inflated number.


    It seems to me that David Hall made up a random number for the polling costs in order to make himself seem like the leader in fundraising. Anyone just looking at the "receipts" tab can think that David Hall has raised well north of $250k. However, they don't know that he has counted a made up donation from himself of over $201k which he has conjured out of thin air.

    Bottom line - polling a few hundred people doesn't cost over $200,000.

    This is just an accounting gimmick to try to get himself some good press.

  24. Bridgit,

    Thank you for the information,that helps a lot. I wonder if Mr. Hall would pull that kind of mis-information, Texas two step, if he got the nomination to go to Washington.

    Funny, we havent heard anything from Mr. Hall in almost two weeks.