Saturday, July 24, 2010

Here is a sobering thought

by Guest Blogger Karen Boswell

It occurred to me yesterday that I work all day Monday and 1/2 of Tuesday for the Federal Government (my tax bill). This is the same for most Americans. Starting January 2011, We will be working all day Monday, all day Tuesday and small business owners will most likely be working all day Wednesday too. This is wrong on so many levels - I can't begin to explain.

Have you ever thought of it this way - How many days each week do you have to work (if you are fortunate enough to have a job) to pay for the excesses of this Government? How many days do your Children have to work already to pay their share of this debt - Here's a hint - I make approx $40,000 / year - My portion of the debt and the unfunded liabilities means I have to work almost 12 years to pay my share - that means every single penny I make for the next 12 years doesn't really belong to me it is committed to the government. If that isn’t slavery, what is it? If we don't turn this around, how many years will our children have to work to pay this debt?

Here is another way to look at this mess we are in –

Think of the dollars as seconds.

60 seconds = 1 minute

1 Million seconds = 12 days

1 Billion seconds = 32 years

1 Trillion seconds = 32,000 years

This means that the debt in seconds (including the unfunded liabilities) = 3,968,000 YEARS (that is 3 million 9 hundred 68 thousand years–almost 4 million years )

Some history tidbits to further put this number into perspective –

  • 2.5 million years since the appearance of the genus Homo, (we are Homo Sapiens)
  • 200,000 years since humans started looking like they do today,
  • 25,000 years since Neanderthals died out.
  • 235 Years since the greatest idea in the history of mankind was born – America

I have had enough. WE HAVE GOT TO STOP THIS IN NOVEMBER and continue forward as long as it takes. We cannot afford our complacency of the past. We have got to educate the masses. We cannot be silent – We must speak out - in the line at Wal-Mart, waiting in the Doctor’s office, in the break room at work – every conversation must be about the fate of this great Republic. We cannot worry about what others may think about us, say about us, or to us ….

I will not give up, give in or give out.

Karen is a political activist in Nashville. She says about herself: I am a principled patriot, born again Christian, grateful for the Grace of God, doing everything I can think of to save our country. I am a T. O (theological offspring) proud to be a Tennessean, have been unemployed recently. Don’t know where I will work after 8/31 but still believe in the power of the American dream, if we can wrestle control from the socialists intent on destroying us.

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1 comment:

  1. Perhaps you don't understand history or current events, so I will answer a question you asked in your post:

    Slavery is the owning of a person. It is *not*, however sensitive your nature to hyperbolic histrionics, being beholden to a social contract you agree to with your continued citizenship and presence in the country under the political and economic establishment, including the past, current, and future government and the tax system and expenditures.

    Perhaps you could elaborate on how long a person *should* "work for the government", as it appears to me that 12 years is too long for and as such you consider it slavery...Is 10 years right? Perhaps 8? Maybe 3? Or how about 0? Does 0 sound good to you? Should you not contribute at all, as you don't believe that your hard-earned tax money should be spent at all, much less collected?

    I don't intend to propose a straw-man argument....tell us what spending is necessary by the federal, state, county, and city governments, and what method of funding should they take (and how best to calculate that) to pay for the spending?