Sunday, July 11, 2010

I was honored by being the recipient of the Governor Winfield Dunn Leadership Award

Winfield Dunn and Rod Williams

At the Davidson County Republican Party picnic yesterday, I was honored by being the recipient of the Governor Winfield Dunn Leadership Award presented to me "for exceptional leadership and community service to the citizens of the State of Tennessee."

The award was presented by former governor Winfield Dunn himself. I was not expecting the award. It had been kept a secret.

Governor Dunn was introduced and he started speaking and saying he wished to honor someone and then Governor Dunn stated telling something about the person to be honored and I realized it was bio he was reciting. My history of public service and political activity was cited going back many years, including my service in the metro council. My volunteer work over the last year on behalf of the Party and my grassroots efforts in organizing the party were lauded.

Fovernor Winfield Dunn and Rod WilliamsGovernor Dunn is one of the most respected and admired people in the State. He is the elder statesman of the Republican Party and served as Governor from 1971 to 1979 being the first Republican elected statewide since reconstruction. It is indeed an honor and a humbling experience to be honored by Governor Dunn.

To Governor Dunn and the Davidson County Republican Party, Thank you for this honor.

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  1. Bravo! Congratulations! What a wonderful honor!

  2. Congrats, Rod!! Very much deserved. Oh, and I enjoy the blog, too!

  3. Congrats Rod! It is an honor for you, and you deserved it as well!