Thursday, July 15, 2010

Obama, Hitler and Stalin

Obama Hitler Stalin billboard
This is over the top. This is in poor taste and it represents a poor strategy. It does not help our cause. Things like this are going to drive moderates away from us and back into the Obama camp and it will energize the Obamanistas. This billboard by the North Iowa Tea Party will be a recruiting and fundraising tool for MoveOn, Organizing for America, and the Democratic Party. This will help Obama more than it will hurt him. This is extreme and makes our side look like idiots and radicals.

Please do not get me wrong. My position is clear. I do like President Obama. He is taking us in the wrong direction. He is eroding our freedoms and changing America for the worst and I want to see him defeated in 2012 and I want to see a Republican congressional majority elected in 2010 so his agenda can be defeated now. However, President Obama is not Hitler or Stalin. He is more like those nameless, unremarkable leaders that rule much of Europe.

Despite believing Obama is taking us in the wrong direction, I do not think he is taking us to the Gulag or the gas chamber. He is taking us down the path of Democratic Socialism and there is a difference. There is a big difference between those welfare states of Europe with a national health care, a stifling bureaucracy, low growth rates, and little opportunity for economic advancement, and a totalitarian state like Communist Russia or Nazi Germany. We do not need to exaggerate by comparing Obama to Hitler or Stalin in order to make our case.

America is that 'shining city on a hill'. America is unique. We are an exceptional country in the world. We are the nation that people want to emigrate to. We are the land that has been the engine driving the economy of the world and creating wealth and a better standard of living for mankind. We have been the nation that has inspired the people of other nations to seek to become free. Obama does not want to turn us into a police state; he wants to destroy our uniqueness and make us ordinary.

Our concept of man and his relationship to the state is different than that of most of the world. Many citizens of other nations do not mind beings subject of their sovereign; in America the individual is sovereign. In many countries of the world people look to government as granting them their rights; in America we know that our rights are God-given and we demand government respect our rights. In most of the world if a citizen is accused of a crime they must prove their innocents; in America the government must prove the citizen guilty. These things that make us different are the things we are fighting to preserve.

In America our fight is not between those who want to turn us into a totalitarian police state versus those who want us to remain free; rather, it is between those who want to turn us into a welfare nanny state and those who want us to remain free. We should not have to exaggerate to make our point. Obama wants to turn us into a typical European welfare state; we want to keep America as that unique beacon of hope and freedom.

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  1. How do you know that Obama is not wanting to turn us into a "Police State"? There are many people who believe that he is trying to do exactly that (only for the Muslims to have the power and the rest of us "Crackers" will be sent to the gas chambers). I know it is a conspiracy theory, and they don't hold up, but just asking how you KNOW that is not what he is trying to do?

  2. No one ever knows for certain what any other person wants, but I don't think that that his is goal.

  3. I don't THINK that is his goal either, but I do not think he has AMerica's best interests in mind either.