Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Patrick Miranda explains his unfortunate absence

Patrick Miranda who has been conspicuously absent from the campaign trail recently and who was missed at Saturday's Davidson County Republican Party Picnic sent me the following email for publication.

Patrick was one of the earliest candidates in the race and campaigned hard and was very visible until just recently. Unfortunately, life does not get put on hold just because one is in a political campaign. Sometimes things just happen over which one has no control .

I admire Patrick's devotion to his family and am sorry he has had to temporarily step back from his campaign at this crucial time. I wish Patrick the very best and pray that his son will be restored to good health and this family crisis will pass. Please keep Patrick and his family in your thoughts and prayers in this difficult time.

My friends,
Patrick Miranda
I apologize if it seems that I have been away from the campaign trail. Let me say this now: I am serious about this campaign and I am in it to win. The last few weeks have given me pause; a few people know what is happening behind the scenes, but I feel that I owe you all an explanation.

Above all else, I am a father and a husband; this campaign, as important as it is, can not and must not take precedence over my family. Coincidentally, if not ironically, the last major functions for the DCRP I have been unable to attend and both times because my youngest son has been ill. I have felt that it is my obligation to be a father and husband to help my wife care for my children...normally, a sick child would not prevent me from attending these events, but my wife had previous obligations as well. I had, inadvertently, sent Rod an e-mail intended for my wife concerning the Eggs and Bacon Summits hosted by the DCRP. I applaud, with complete sincerity, the forward thinking of DCRP members like Rod Williams and Kathleen Starnes. Their vision to grow the Party through a coordinated grassroots effort is truly admirable and remarkable. I was unable to attend the last Summit due to pressing family issues (Rod Williams, to his credit, has been a true man of integrity and kindness during this time of hardship. His kind words and prayers for my family have offered a measure of strength and resolve for me during this time; I can not express my gratitude enough for his kindness).

Bottom line, I am most certainly still in this race for the 5th Congressional District seat, and I intend to win. However, my family must come first and, in recent weeks, it has. I want to thank all of my supporters for standing beside me during this time of tribulation, and I would like to thank Rod for giving me an opportunity to explain my absences. God bless you all.

Patrick Miranda

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  1. Good For Him! I applaud ANY man who will stay home with their children so that their wife can do something.

  2. Sick child or no sick child, how did he plan on attending in the first place if his wife had a previous obligation.

    Not to mention that, according to one of his own websites, part of his recent absence has been due to a weeklong vacation.

  3. I pray that Mr. Miranda's child is not hospitalized. If his child is sick with a serious illness then by all means he needs to do what is correct for his family. However, nowhere on his blog or website am I able to find comments about his sick child. If the child being sick was a normal childhood illness (cough, cold, 24 hour stomach bug, et cetera), then I would like to think that Mr. Miranda could have found a suitable babysitter (grandparents, aunts, uncles, interns, friends, supporters, et cetera) whether or not his wife had plans. On his own facebook politician page, during this absence, he does refer to being absent for a family vacation, which is interesting timing right before the primary.
    Sincerely, Another Disgruntled Republican, who wants a politician that does not sound like a politician (That letter might as well have come from Obam-no)