Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Schwartz goes after Hartline

July 4, 12:01 AM Nashville Political Buzz Examiner Mike Morrow

Republican congressional candidate Bob Schwartz warned Saturday against the GOP nominating Jeff Hartline to run against Democratic incumbent Jim Cooper, saying the well-funded Hartline doesn't have the message voters need to hear.(link)

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  1. Schwartz was right to bring this out in the open. Hartline can't be a Republican if he has these kinds of values. He appears to be Jim Cooper's long lost twin.

  2. Hartline seems to be a Democratic plant. What's the difference between him and Cooper? Not much apparently.

  3. Schwartz continued misrepresentation of Jeff's views on immigration are embarrassing. I guess there's no such thing as bad PR for a campaign like Bob's.

    Jeff is no Democrat; believe me. Schwartz is trying to create some buzz around his own campaign.

  4. Wes, your a good son but a terrible politician. Bob hasn't misrepresented Jeff's views. He has merely reiterated what is printed on your father's website. I quote "allow employers to sponsor employees who can speak English to apply for citizenship" from your father's website. That is amnesty pure and simple!

    You and your father should apologize to Bob Schwartz for trying to drag him down to your level. You should then either change your campaign position to oppose amnesty or defend this socialist position.

  5. Wes, you are totally wrong. Schwartz is the true conservative in this race. I wonder if your father has even read the policy positions his paid employees have written for him and posted to his website. Jeff is a great fund-raiser, but that is where his talent as a politician ends. He would be better off getting out of the race rather than be humiliated by Cooper in the November general elections.

  6. It seems to me, that with all of this stuff coming out about Hartline (true or not)that Cooper will mop the floor with this guy come November. I hope he does not get the nomination. The goal here is to get Cooper OUT, not get him reelected!

  7. In the recent debate between Hartline and Schwartz I asked a question about military readiness, citing some shortfalls in our preparedness. I was disturbed that Bob Schwartz responded to that not by arguing we need to strengthen our military but by calling for efficiency in military procurement.