Tuesday, August 3, 2010


August 2, 2010, Press release from Bob Schwartz, Republican candidate for 5th Congressional District

Today I encourage voters of Tennessee to join me in support of Bill Haslam for Governor.

Bill Haslam has the temperament and the experience that Tennessee needs at this critical time. The State’s budget constraints are serious now and may well become more difficult in 2011. Tennessee needs a Governor who has a strong track record of leading organizations in tough times.

I first met Mayor Haslam during the 2008 Presidential campaign. He showed a respect for those around him and a willingness to listen and learn. His track record in both the private sector and as a tax-lowering, pro-business Mayor make it clear to me that he has what it takes to turn conservative principles into practical solutions.

Both of the Mayor’s primary opponents are excellent, conservative Republicans. Either of them would make a fine governor! In my opinion, though, Bill Haslam is the strongest choice to lead the State of Tennessee. Bill Haslam for Governor! ONWARD!

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  1. At least one of the 5th district candidates has the courage to say what they think. I don't even know if I will vote Haslam, but it's refreshing to see a candidate speak his mind instead of play politics. Good luck, Bob!