Friday, August 6, 2010


Nashville, TN – Bob Schwartz tonight wholeheartedly congratulated David Hall on winning the Republican nomination for the 5th District Congressional seat. Schwartz pledged his complete support and offered to do whatever he could to ensure Hall’s victory in November.

Schwartz said: “Voters in all three counties in the Fifth gave David strong support because they saw a man with the passion and the smarts that are needed in Washington today. Our problems are so severe that, really, the upcoming election will not be about partisan politics: Republican versus Democrat versus Independent. This election is a fight for the future of every person in the 5th District and for the generations not yet born.”

Speaking of the incumbent, Schwartz continued: “What Jim Cooper and all the political professionals don’t yet understand is that we are in a historically different time. The old measures of strength and political power no longer apply. The people are motivated and educated. They have the power to reclaim the government and they will do so!”

“Jim Cooper has been in Washington so long that he actually believes that he’s a fiscal conservative. The 5th District and, indeed, the country cannot afford that kind of delusional representation any longer.”

Schwartz called for broad support for the Republican nominee. “David will be a uniter and real breath of fresh air in Washington. He’ll need a strong team around him. Together, we can make his victory possible. Together, we can lay the foundation for better days ahead.” ONWARD!

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