Monday, August 2, 2010

Cece Heil announces local endorsements

August 2, 2010, Press Release Cece for Congress.

CeCe Heil's campaign brings in top local endorsements to add to her already impressive slate of National endorsements by Sarah Palin, CWA, FRC, and CWF just to name a few.

"I am so proud to have the local support from State Rep. Ben West Jr.,and his wife Phyllis, The 912 Project, Professor Carol M. Swain Ph.D.,Buford Tune, and Ricky Skaggs." - CeCe Heil

"We proudly support our friend CeCe Heil, who is running in the Primary for 5th District Congressional Seat.Ben West and Cece and Phyllis West

We are of the opinion that this country has been heading in the wrong direction and that our voices have not been heard by our current representation regarding Congressional legislation. After looking at all the candidates in this race, it became abundantly clear that CeCe has the leadership skills and the moral character needed today to be a leader in this country. She is a strong Constitutional Conservative and successful business owner, a devoted wife, mother and Christian. She believes in smaller government and lower taxes to boost this failing economy, so more people can be put on the payroll, rather than on unemployment rolls. She is opposed to ObamaCare and government take over of private industry, and so are we.

CeCe's most important attribute is that she wants input from her constituents. She believes firmly in the concept of "WE THE PEOPLE" running this country. Most importantly, we believe she has the ability to debate the issues with knowledge and intelligence, bring respect back to DC and garner the support to beat the incumbent."

TN State Rep. Ben West Jr. & Mrs. Phyllis West

"Following a forum with all 5th District conservative candidates ,912 Project Tennessee's judging committee gave its highest marks to CeCe Heil.9-12 Project
CeCe's recognition for receiving the 912's highest marks reflects our confidence in her understanding of the proper balance between the federal and state government's respective roles as described in our US Constitution. Coupled with her understanding was CeCe's skill to defend her position to citizens of every educational level. Her answers inspired great confidence that, like us, she also desires to vastly reduce the federal government and its over reaching power. We left the forum convinced that CeCe could and would defend our Constitution according to the 9 principles and 12 values for which we stand and we would feel proud to know that she is our representative."

9.12 Project Tennessee
Restoring True American Values

Carol Swain and Cece Heil "I am endorsing CeCe Heil for the 5th Congressional district. CeCe has a unique skill set and a teachable spirit. She is an accomplished attorney and a strong Christian woman who is willing to take and apply the advice she is given. I believe she will attract cross-over support from Democratic voters. Let's get behind CeCe with votes & dollars
Professor Carol M. Swain Ph.D.
Vanderbilt Law Professor

"As a business owner, a former Metro Police Officer and an expert witness on law enforcement and security matters; I am proud to endorse CeCe Heil for US Congress to represent TN's 5th District. CeCe understands and supports our nation's highest law which is the Constitution of the United States of America and will defend our God-given right to own and bear arms.Burord Tune
CeCe is a successful business owner as well and runs her own law firm. As a good attorney she understands the proper roles of government and will tirelessly work to put them back in their place! We can't afford to put another 'politician' in Jim Cooper's seat, we NEED a Statesman that will uphold the Constitution and defend our freedoms! CeCe Heil believes in a strong military and will fight to defend the American dream with backbone and steady character. I am a no nonsense kind of guy and CeCe will bring her know-how and common sense to Washington to be a Conservative Voice for us and our children! I ask that you vote for CeCe Heil on August 5th and support her campaign as you are able."

Buford Tune
CEO APPS, Retired Metro Police Dept. & Metro Government

Ricky Skaggs"I want to encourage you to go out and vote for CeCe Heil for congress in the 5th District. She is the candidate with the experience and courage to take on BIG government in Washington. CeCe is a woman led by her faith and convictions and has what it takes to get this country back on track. As a small business owner, attorney and constitutional scholar, she will fight tirelessly to protect our God-given freedoms. Please join me in supporting CeCe Heil for congress. Now more than ever we need CeCe to be our voice on Capitol Hill.

Ricky Skaggs
World Renowned Bluegrass Artist

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  1. I voted for her, but when is CeCe going to stop pouting and get behind David Hall, *our* nominee to unseat Cooper??? - JM Jenkins