Monday, August 9, 2010

Update: Henry Appears to win over Yarbro

This just in from The Tennessean: Link

I’m conflicted over this. I can’t help but be glad that Senator’s Henry’s supporters stuck with him and nominated him one more time. I am glad to see Yarbro, the “progressive” candidate, be defeated.

I like Senator Henry. He is a pragmatic moderate, if not a conservative legislator. He stays in touch with his constituents. He is approachable and he is an honorable man. He has a wealth of knowledge and there is no doubt he loves his community and this State. He is likable. Everyone likes Senator Henry.

So, while on the one hand, I wanted Senator Henry to prevail over Yarbro, another part of me wanted Yarbro to win because, I want a Republican victory in November and I think if Senator Henry would have lost, Republicans would have had a better chance at taking the 21st Senate seat against Yarbro than against Henry. I know I could generate a lot more passion for defeating Yarbro than I will be able to generate for defeating Henry. If Yarbro would have won, there would have been a much greater ideological contrast between the Republican and the Democratic candidate than there will be between Henry and our Republican candidate.

I have voted for Senator Henry often in the past. Despite have a fondness for Senator Henry, I will be voting for our Republican candidate. Even a good Democrat is part of the machinery that supports the national party and the Democrat agenda. Also, we have an excellent Republican candidate in Steve Dickerson. Dr. Dickerson is smart, articulate, has strong core conservative values and is a pragmatic problem-solving kind of guy. Being a Doctor, he will bring knowledge to the Senate that is lacking as the state must deal with changes in health care delivery and possibly the implementation of Obamacare.

Senator Henry has been in the State Legislature since 1954. That is a long time. He is 84 years old. His time is past. I wish Senator Henry would have retired with dignity and not ran this year. I hate to see him be defeated but he should have known when it was time to leave the stage.

I missed his appearance on Channel 5, but several people told me about it and said he looked pitiful. I understand that he had various notes spread before him and when asked a question he fumbled for the right note. Also his cell phone went off twice during the interview. He did not perform well. Many people, even those who like Senator Henry may conclude that it is time for a change. Still, I wish we were running against Yarbro instead of Henry.

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