Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Vijay explains failure to file

Dear Rod,

Thank you for your inquiry. I have been in touch with the appropriate authority on this matter, which is the FEC person responsible for Tennessee, who has been understanding about extenuating circumstances--as I thought you might be. I was in an automobile accident and have been under treatment and in physical therapy for about six weeks, which has severely curtailed my originally planned campaign activities, has required a medical leave of absence from work, and has caused me considerable hardship.

There has been nothing remotely willful about my difficulty in keeping current, not only in relation to the campaign, but in my own business and personal matters as well. I do not have a staff. It all has been compounded by my Treasurer having to be out of town for a period of time, and my own lack of knowledge of procedure to get anything done about the filing in his absence. All of it together has been a source of considerable stress, and I have been working non-stop to catch up every minute I can.

My Treasurer is back and our filing is taking place within a few days, as I have discussed with the FEC. In the meantime, there is no deep mystery about my campaign financial status, which you'll see when we perfect the filing. As I told Jeff Hartline publicly on my blog a week or two ago, I raised a total of about $35,000.00, and contributed about $7,000.00 in addition to that from my family savings, for a total of about $42,000.00. I have had no corporate contributions at all.

Because of my appreciation for all you do, and for your friendship, wisdom, and energetic industry in working to keep all candidates on a level playing field, I will be happy to deliver a copy of my filing to you personally if you like.
Please post this to your blog, and I will post it, along with your inquiry, to mine.


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