Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Why is Vijay Kumar Breaking the law?

Vijay Kumar has not yet filed a campaign financial disclosure report. He has advertising in the Tennessean. He has billboards. He has radio advertisements and television advertising. I would be surprised if he has spent less than $20,000. Who knows? Maybe he has spent $100,000.

I called the Federal Election Commission today to make sure that the FEC had not simply failed to post the summary of his report on their website. I talked to a nice man named Chris. No, Vijay Kumar has not filed the required report.

Even if a candidate self-finances his campaign he is still required to file a report. Had it not been for Jeff Hartline's filing a report, he could have avoided the controversy about paying himself a salary. David Hall could have avoided controversy about accepting corporate contributions if he had not had to file.

Who is financing Vijay Kumar's campaign? Where did the money come from and how was it spent. We have a right to know. I am contemplating filing a formal complaint with the Federal Election Commission.

Vijay, please explain. Why have you not filed a report? Who is financing your campaign?

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1 comment:

  1. I asked Vijay last month about this, he used the same excuse he gave for not being at another GOP function...that he'd been in a car accident. Of course, I asked him this on 7/19 and he has since missed the Pre-Primary report as well. Anywho, here was his response:

    "I have not filed it yet. I was in a car accident three weeks ago, therefore, I could not file it in time. Anyway, let me give you the latest figures. As of this morning, the donations were $28,182.16 and my personal contribution to the campaign was about $7,000.00. Thanks, V.K. "