Friday, August 27, 2010

"You need to Google 'Muslim History'."

Last night I was at fund-raising event for one of our local Republican candidates who is running for a state house seat. It was at a salsa night club that had been taken over for the evening by the candidate for a campaign party. The event was cash bar, but lots of good food and a festive atmosphere. I enjoyed chatting with lots of people I knew and making new acquaintances.

My wife and I were at a small, tall table at which you stand. I had just returned from the bar with our drinks when I looked up I saw someone approaching. This was not someone meandering by and mingling; they came up to our table with purpose. This gentleman did not introduce himself or anything. He walked up to me and said, "You need to Google 'Muslim History'."

I was a little taken aback and not sure I had heard him correctly and I said, "Pardon Me?"

He said, "You need to Google 'Muslim history'. Apparently, you don't know anything about it."

I said, "well, I know a little. Why do you say that?"

He said, "Then you are and idiot." With that, he turned and abruptly walked back across the room.

I don't know who he was but apparently he knows who I am and has read my blog and has taken exception to some of my blog post. Maybe it was the blog post where I pointed out that that hot sexy babe, Miss USA, is a Muslim and does not wear a burqa. Maybe, it was the blog post in which I said that the first amendment also applies to Muslims and Muslims have a right to build houses of worship. Maybe it was the blog post in which I said that the First Amendment is as important as the Second and Tenth Amendment. Maybe it was the blog post in which I told of my experience of being able to buy wine in a grocery store in Muslim Turkey but lamented that I cannot buy wine in a grocery store in Christian Nashville. I don't know. I guess I should be flattered that someone is reading and that he cares enough to seek me out to give me a piece of his mind.

I would have liked to have had a conversation.

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  1. You would be surprised if you knew how your blog has spread around.. I know some Libertarians, Anarchists, and Librarian Neocon Grandma's that read your blog..and I commend you on resisting the urge to jump on the "blame everything on the Muslims" bandwagon

  2. Maybe the person was right. You SHOULD Google Muslim History. Coming up first, you will find the Wikipedia article which says,

    "The Islamic civilization gave rise to many centers of culture and science and produced notable scientists, astronomers, mathematicians, doctors, nurses and philosophers during the Golden Age of Islam. Technology flourished; there was much investment in economic infrastructure, such as irrigation systems and canals;"

    Muslim History is wonderful, and we can learn much from it.