Saturday, September 11, 2010

God Bless Phil Valentine


When you start lumping all Muslims into as terrorist then you are playing into the terrorist hands. That is what they want. They want all Muslims to be considered like them. They want you to consider all Muslims to be considered terrorist, because if you do, that makes their job all the easier.

If you want to build a Lee Harvey Oswald souvenir shop at Dealey Plaza you have a right to. This is America!

We need to be standing up for rights and freedoms in this country, and sometimes that is the right and freedom for people to do things you don't agree with. That is part and parcel of the whole "liberty Gig" folks!

What it the terrorist want to do? They want to beat us with our own freedom. They want to defeat us by using our own freedoms against us, and you are going to allow them to do it.

I have been so disgusted by conservative leaders such as Sarah Palin and Newt Gingrich and Tennessee's Ron Ramsey and 6th District Congressional contender Lou Ann Zelenik and various conservative political commentators and talk show host just as Mark Levin and our own Steve Gill. I have been disgusted by those who would throw the Constitution under the bus in order to pander to bigots.

On the other hand, people like Chris Christie and Ron Paul have defended freedom and risen in my estimation. I am so very proud of our own Phil Valentine. He is a voice of reason and respect for the constitution in a world gone mad.

God Bless Phil Valentine!

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