Saturday, September 18, 2010

The West Nashville 'Eggs and Bacon Summit' was not cancelled!

If you attempted to attend the West Nashville Egg and Bacon Summit today featuring David Hall candidate for 5th Congressional District, Dr. Steve Dickerson candidate for State Senate District 21, and Timothy Lee candidate for House District 55 and were turned away, we apologize.

When group leader Matt Nemeth arrived for the meeting this morning, Shoneys staff was surprised we were having the meeting. Someone had called Shoneys the day before and said the meeting was canceled. It was not. Luckily the room was still available and the meeting went on as planned. Several people had arrived early and were told the meeting had been canceled and they left. We don't know how many people were turned away.

Matt had not canceled the meeting and neither had I nor anyone else associated with the group. Shoneys management did not know who had made the call. We can only assume this was a dirty trick of the opposition. Despite this attempt to sabotage the meeting, about twenty people attended.

Matt explained to Shoneys management that only he was authorized to cancel or reschedule a meeting. This should not happen again. The West Nashville Republican group meets the third Saturday of every month at the Shoneys on White Bridge Road with breakfast at 8:30 and the meeting starting at 9AM.

To stay informed about the meetings of the West Nashville Republican breakfast club or one of the other monthly Republican breakfast groups, visit the DCRP website.

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  1. Now that is ugly!

  2. Hey, the end justifies the means for moral relativists, right?