Tuesday, November 23, 2010

$45 billion wasted later, Al Gore admits that ethanol was a mistake.

Better late than never, Al.

Al Gore admits that ethanol was a mistake. Wow! You mean just because diverting food to fuel causes worldwide hunger and starvation, and the production of all that extra corn was bad for the environment and created a large dead spot in the Gulf of Mexico, and just because if takes almost as much energy to create a unit of ethanol energy as the amount of energy produced that it may not be a good idea? Well, Al I could have told you that. I could have told you that before we wasted 45 billion dollars subsidizing the ethanol industry. Anyway, I am glad you saw the light.

Also, Al they say confession is good for the soul and I appreciate that you confessed that your support of ethanol was motivated by buying the votes of farmers in Tennessee where you were Senator and buying votes in Iowa where you were running for President.

Al, I am sure this confession will not hurt you with your fans. After all what is a wasted $45 billion and a bunch of people people starved to death? You were making people feel good about "doing something."  You were promoting "green" alternatives. Feeling good about doing something is what is really important, right? Your fans will still love you.

While you are at it Al, are there any other mistakes you would like to confess? You didn’t embellish and exaggerate the threat of global warming just to win a Nobel Peace Prize or become a movie star did you? You didn’t engage in fear mongering and sensationalism just to make a point did you? If so, now would be a good time to say so. Just asking.

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