Sunday, November 21, 2010

Report from the West Nashville Summit with Sheriff Daron Hall

From Matt Nemeth
Saturday, November 20th

Hello All,

Thank you to those in attendance this morning to hear Davidson County Sheriff Daron Hall speak about immigration. Today was very informative and provided great clarity as to how Nashville uses 287(g) as a tool to combat illegal immigration. 287(g) is designed to provide relief to Federal officials looking to detain illegal immigrants by allowing local law enforcement the opportunity to question anyone arrested about their residency status.

According to the Sheriff, 287(g) has been very effective. Less than 1% of illegals found in Nashville appear in any other part of the country. This means that the job that our elected officials are doing is resulting in either the proper jailing or deportation of those in this country unlawfully. It would be difficult to find another city in this nation with such a track record.

Let's continue to stand behind Sheriff Hall who openly decided to use (even against the will of critics) 287(g) to the benefit and safety of Tennesseans. He was sworn to protect the citizens of Davidson County and it is clear that he will use any legal means necessary to do so.

Any other city in this great country should be as honored as we are to have someone like Sheriff Hall watching over them.

Have a great Thanksgiving!

Matt Nemeth

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