Thursday, November 4, 2010

We will sing in the sunshine...

"Former Revenue Commissioner Reagan Farr has been laying the groundwork for a new company involving solar energy that would position him, Gov. Phil Bredesen and the state's top economic development official to profit from an industry they have spent more than two years trying to build up in Tennessee."(link)

This may be perfectly legal but it sure doesn't smell right. The Revenue Commissioner, the Governor, and the head of Economic Development lay the groundwork to make Tennessee hospitable to the solar energy industry, including the training of a workforce for that industry, then they leave office and take advantage of what they created, the contacts they have made and what they have learned. Am I the only one that thinks this is unethical?

Also, they incorporate in Delaware, to avoid Tennessee taxes I assume. I don't blame anyone for legally avoiding taxes whenever they can; however, while in office why did they not work to change Tennessee's corporate tax laws to make Tennessee as attractive as Delaware?

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