Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Corker-Ryan 2012!

The Weekly Standard has a great article profiling Representative Paul Ryan of Wisconsin of and Tennessee's Senator Bob Corker. Author Fred Barnes say, "Paul Ryan and Bob Corker are unusual members of Congress. They know a lot."

In the Senate, Bob Corker, the only new Republican elected in 2006, figured out on his own that knowledge creates leverage in Congress. By 2008, he was a major player on the auto industry rescue and reform of financial market regulations, though he wound up voting against both of them. Over the past year, he started from scratch to learn about America’s decaying missile force and grabbed a significant role in passage of the arms control treaty with Russia last month. And in his bid to cut government spending and reduce debt, he’s found an ally outside the Senate—Ryan. (link)

I could get excited about a Corker-Ryan ticket!

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  1. Rod,

    I'm confused. A few posts ago you labeled Corker a RINO. Now, you say you could "get excited about a Corker-Ryan ticket." What's up with that ?? Is Corker a RINO or not ??

  2. I don't recall a post calling Bob Corker a Rino, but I did do a post explaining why, by the standards of today's Republican true believers, Ronald Reagan would be considered a RINO. At one time Republican in Name Only was something mainstream Republicans called liberal Republicans. Now it is blunt instrument which is used to attack any Republican with which you have any disagreement. Those who don't want to win elections, but want to purge from the Party everyone except a small handful of true believers who agree with them 100% of the time on 100% of the issues call everyone else a RINO. According the faux conservative populist arbiters of who is a real Republican, most Republicans are RINOs. I think there are only 27 true believers and everyone else is a RINO.

  3. I have to disagree with you on Bob Corker.
    he's a "big government" senator. yeah, like citizens need MORE government in their lives.
    Lamar Alexander is another one that loves to make sure that you have big brother in every part of your life.

    Bob Corker is the WORST sort of legislator. he thinks he knows more about what's good for his constituents than his constituents do.
    to prove my point, look at his voting record.
    He voted for the stimulus, for cash for clunkers, he voted to freeze social security cost of living increases for seniors, but if you also notice, he voted FOR a congressional pay raise every time it came around.